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Selective Dehydrogenation and Dealkylation Catalyst for Conversion of Light Oil to Benzene


Litol® is a high-performance catalyst for conversion of light oil, a by-product from the coking of coal, into high-purity benzene. This complex, single-step process achieves desulfurization, removal of paraffins and naphthenes, and saturation of unsaturated compounds, in addition to dealkylation and dehydrogenation. The catalyst operates at lower temperatures than thermal processes, and delivers excellent product purity (benzene content in the end-product exceeding 99.93 wt%). Hence, petrochemical producers attain maximum productivity at minimum costs.

Our complete range of catalysts for dehydrogenation and dealkylation of aromatic hydrocarbons to benzene includes:
Litol® for light oil to benzene
Detol® for toluene to benzene
Pyrotol® for pyrolysis petrol to benzene

Litol, Detol and Pyrotol technologies are exclusively licensed by our process partner, Lummus Technology, while the catalysts are solely produced and supplied by Clariant.
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  • High aromatic selectivity: Higher product rate for a given feedstock
  • Single step process: Eliminates need for separate hydrotreating steps to reduce olefin or sulfur content in feedstock; reduces cost
  • Lower operating temperature: Eliminates need for sulfur injections for metal passivation; Allows use of lower alloy metals
  • No coking in heat exchange system: Low maintenance costs; eliminates aromatics saturated solid waste material
  • High value product: Highest product purity exceeding 99.93 wt%


  • Single step process
  • Lower operating temperature than thermal processes
  • No coking in heat exchange system
  • Extremely high product purity
  • Feedstock flexibility 


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