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AmoMax® 10

Highly Active Catalyst for Ammonia Synthesis

Edition Date :
February 10, 2021
AmoMax® 10 is a wustite-based ammonia synthesis catalyst with much higher activity than magnetite types. This improves conversion at low operating temperatures and at more thermodynamically favorable conditions, thus raising ammonia yields. Due to reduced recycles and loop pressure, it also saves energy. 

Thanks to its exceptional ability to increase ammonia production, AmoMax 10 is very valuable for the fertilizer industry, and used by over 100 customers globally. Our wustite-based catalyst also contains less oxygen than magnetite catalysts, thus greatly reducing reduction times. Furthermore, it offers excellent long-term stability as expected for the magnetite type. The ammonia synthesis catalyst is supplied in its oxidic form (AmoMax 10) or as pre-reduced and stabilized in air (AmoMax 10RS).

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  • Significantly higher activity than magnetite-based catalysts
  • Low operating temperatures
  • Improved conversion at thermodynamically more favorable conditions
  • Significant energy savings
  • Significantly reduced reduction time
  • Excellent long-term stability


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Product compositionWustite 
SizeAvailable in all common granule sizes (i.e.,1.5 - 3 mm, 6 - 10 mm, 8 - 12 mm).
ShapeIrregular shaped granules with rounded ends

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