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Open-system desiccator plugs

Edition Date :
July 08, 2021
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ADSORMAT® open-system desiccator plugs are mounted on the vent nozzles of drums, KTC/IBCs and tanks. ADSORMAT® dries the column of air above the product in the container, as well as any humid air subsequently flowing in through the vent nozzle as the container is emptied.
This prevents chemical reactions which may otherwise occur in a humid atmosphere. Each ADSORMAT® desiccant plug is fitted with a reversible humidity indicator, the color change showing when its capacity limit has been reached.

For more information about our desiccant, oxygen absorber, and humidity indicator solutions, visit our Cargo & Device Protection page.

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  • Prevents chemical reactions which may otherwise occur in  a humid atmosphere
  • Fitted with a reversible humidity indicator
  • Refillable


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