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HyFlex™ Series

Precious-Metal and Selected Base-Metal Catalysts for Variety of Hydrogenation Applications

Edition Date :
August 12, 2019
HyFlex™ is a broad range of precious-metal and base-metal catalysts for various hydrogenation reactions, such as production of amines or oxo-alcohol, and high-temperature dehydrogenation of cyclohexanol. They also offer optimal hydrogenation for resin production when combined with NiSat® catalysts.


  • Broad portfolio covering various hydrogenation reactions and conditions
  • Mechanical robustness ensures long catalyst lifetimes
  • Different shapes and sizes available to suit numerous processes
  • HyFlex precious metal catalysts offer excellent selectivity with high conversion and long lifetimes


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Product composition
Pd, Al2O3
Pd, C
Pt, Al2O3
Ru, Al2O3
CaO, ZnO
Co, SiO2
Extrusions: 1.5 mm, 3 mm
Tablets: 3x3 mm 
Spheres: 2-4 mm
ShapeTablets, Powder

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