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Catalysts for high temperature water gas shift of fuel cell

HyProGen 300

HyProGen 300 demonstrates very high activity compared to conventional High-Temperature Shift (HTS) used in the syngas industry.    
The catalyst is able to tolerate frequent start-ups and shut-downs that typically cannot be tolerated by conventional catalysts. The catalysts are active at low temperatures and require no special activation.
The HyProGen 300 is tailored for fuel cell applications in terms of shape and performance requirements.

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  • High activity, especially at lower temperatures
  • High thermal stability leading to long lifetimes
  • Extremely good physical robustness leading to a high survival rate in case of boiler leakages
  • High selectivity preventing Fischer-Tropsch by-product formation when operating at low steam-to-gas conditions
Product Composition Fe2O3, Cr2O3, CuO
Size 6 x 6 mm - other sizes on request
Shape Tablets
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