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Setting new benchmarks


Industry today faces an unprecedented regulatory and policy landscape, designed to support the transition towards a toxic-free, low-carbon and circular economy. While these ambitions bring many challenges, they also represent significant opportunities for the specialty chemicals industry. At Clariant we believe that chemicals have a purpose and can generate value for society, but only if they are safe in use and only if this positive impact stretches across the full product life cycle.

Clariant continuously drives its product portfolio towards increased sustainability, harnessing its innovation capabilities to develop sustainable alternatives for the market. We are passionate about minimizing the use of resources and hazardous chemicals and delivering solutions to help our customers create materials and products that are designed, produced and used in a way that does not harm people and the environment.

Product sustainability
Our established innovation and sustainability committees evaluate and steer our portfolio activities at a strategic level.
Stakeholder outreach
We engage with hundreds of scientific organizations and collaborative platforms to foster sustainable chemistry.
» Clariant is committed to promoting safer, sustainable alternatives in the market. «

Yvonne Zhang,
Head of Sustainability Transformation

39 criteria
We take a life cycle approach, asking ourselves, at each stage, how do our products perform and what are the risks and benefits.
» More than 90% of the screened product portfolio fulfil Clariant’s sustainability definition. «
Protecting health and the environment
Our team of product stewardship experts are responsible for ensuring Clariant’s portfolio corresponds to all applicable environmental and safety standards and constantly seek opportunities to further enhance product safety.
Our guiding star to constantly strive for sustainability excellence.
Sustainable innovation
Every year we spend millions on innovation. Our idea-to-market process puts sustainability first and foremost, uncovering unmet needs and translating them into new products and services.
Next generation risk assessment
We actively support the development and use of alternative non animal testing methods and new approach methodologies to evaluate the potential effects of chemicals on human health and the environment.
Find your EcoTain® product
All of our business units offer a selection of products and solutions that have been distinguished for their outstanding sustainability performance.
Meet our designators

Working hand in hand to shape the future

The chemical industry is often considered the »industry of the industries«. For this reason, Clariant is well placed to shape progress towards a less toxic, low-carbon and circular economy of the future through active engagement in industry initiatives and collaborations. Today we are working hand in hand with trade associations and sustainability fora to connect with peers, policy-makers, academics, NGOs and innovative players along our value chain with one shared goal – to accelerate safe and sustainable by design chemical innovation.

Our commitments include:

Clariant gif brands suschem pinfa and responsible care
  • Responsible Care, the global chemical industry’s voluntary initiative, which goes beyond legislative and regulatory compliance and commits companies and national chemical industry associations to continuously improve the environmental, health, safety and security knowledge and performance of its technologies, processes and products.
  • SusChem, the European Technology Platform for Sustainable Chemistry, which works to foster a competitive and innovative European industry for chemistry and biotechnology. As a member, Clariant supports the ongoing efforts to inspire chemical and biochemical innovation and respond effectively to societal challenges by providing more sustainable solutions.
  • Membership of the US Green Chemistry & Commerce Council (GC3), a multi-stakeholder collaborative that drives the commercial adoption of green chemistry by galvanizing action across all industries, sectors and supply chains.
  • We are committed to promoting sustainability in specific product areas and market applications as it is the case through our membership of PINFA, the Phosphorus, Inorganic and Nitrogen Flame Retardants Association. PINFA represents manufacturers and users of non-halogenated flame retardants with a common vision of continuously improving the environmental and health profile of flame retardant products.

Pioneers of safe and sustainable solutions

Clariant shares the vision of safe and sustainable by design chemicals as a holistic innovation approach towards designing chemical products and technologies. Harnessing our innovation capabilities, we are working closely with customers to develop safer, sustainable alternatives for the market. Across the globe, our products and solutions are setting new benchmarks for chemical safety, circularity and environmental compatibility. Learn more about some of the pioneers in our portfolio:

  • Exolit® OP
    The Exolit® OP product family is based on organic phosphorus compounds and quenches fire before it starts.
  • Safebrake Life
    Safebrake® Life is based on glycol ethers, anti-corrosion additives, and anti-oxidants. It is classified as non-hazardous, while maintaining a high performance. It is our contribution for safe handling and filling of brake fluids in professional use and for end-consumers.
  • Genadvance® hair conditioning innovation
    Genadvance® are specifically designed conditioning ingredients for the three individual hair issues most frequently experienced by global consumers: damaged, dry, or thin and lifeless hair.
  • Synergen OS®
    A crop protectant needs adjuvants to be effective. With Synergen™ OS, Clariant offers a sustainable all-rounder among the crop protection adjuvants.
  • AmoMax 10
    AmoMax® 10 is a wustite-based ammonia synthesis catalysts with a unique promoter system that provides much higher activity and stability than magnetite-based catalysts. This improves conversion at low operating temperatures and at more thermodynamically favorable conditions, thus raising ammonia yields. Due to reduced loop recycles and loop pressure, it also saves energy and reduces CO2 emissions.
  • Sunliquid®
    Convert agricultural residues into biofuel
  • AddWorks® PKG 906 Circle
    AddWorks PKG 906 Circle is a Clariant proprietary polymer stabilizer composition used to increase plastic waste recycling in polyolefin film manufacturing. It is particularly well suited for BOPP production, while also applicable to cast and blown film process. It allows to use increased amounts of recycled resin or film during the film manufacturing process without loss of film quality or production efficiency.
  • Foundry Additives
    GEKO™ and ECOSIL™ molding sand additives ensure superior quality precision castings and highest foundry productivity.

Learn more

  • Sustainability
    Whether the world must become sustainable is a question we’ve long stopped asking ourselves. We are much too busy working on how this can be done. We have set out with passionate people, to create leading-edge operations and innovative solutions that mean progress for everyone today while sustaining the world for our children tomorrow.
  • Discover Value
    Discover Value isn't just a claim. It guides us as scientists, steers us as explorers, and inspires us as storytellers.
  • Open Innovation
    Our Open Innovation initiative supports the Business Units in identifying collaboration partners around the world, ranging from large corporations to start-ups, universities, and other research institutions.
  • Discover EcoCircle
    EcoCircle is our initiative for supporting the transition of the one-way plastics value chain to a circular plastics economy.

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