Clariant’s shareholders approve all agenda items

  • Distribution of CHF 0.70 for Group’s performance over past two financial years approved
  • Integrated Report and Group Consolidated Financial Statements for fiscal year 2020 approved
  • Shareholders approve Compensation Report 2020 on an advisory basis
  • Günter von Au newly elected as Chairman of the Board of Directors

Muttenz, April 7, 2021 – At today’s Annual General Meeting, the shareholders of Clariant Ltd, a focused, sustainable and innovative specialty chemical company, approved all agenda items and resolutions proposed by the Board of Directors, including the election of Günter von Au as new Chairman of the Board of Directors.

Due to the ongoing situation with regard to the spread of the coronavirus, shareholders could not attend this year’s Annual General Meeting in person and could exercise their rights exclusively via the independent proxy. Overall, 231 091 133 shares or around 69.62 % of the share capital of Clariant were represented.

Günter von Au, Chairman of Clariant’s Board of Directors, said “It is a great honor for me to be elected as Chairman of the Board of Directors, especially because of the close relationship that I have with this company for almost a decade now. Together with all my fellow board members as well as CEO Conrad Keijzer, I look forward to continuing Clariant’s successful path towards becoming one of the world’s leading companies for specialty chemicals and create value for all stakeholders, including shareholders.”

“I wish to thank all Clariant customers, employees and shareholders for the trust, commitment and loyalty that I have experienced during my time as Member of the Board, CEO and Chairman. I am proud of all our achievements and am convinced that I leave Clariant on a strong basis from which it can continue its path of sustainable, profitable growth”, commented Hariolf Kottmann, former Chairman of Clariant’s Board of Directors.

Conrad Keijzer, CEO of Clariant, said: “The 2020 results prove the resilience of our portfolio and the hard work of our teams. We will now focus on unleashing the full potential of our three core Business Areas to strengthen our profile as a true specialty chemicals company. Today, I have shared my confidence with our shareholders that our strong market positions can deliver leading financial performance and thereby further increase the value of Clariant.”At the Annual General Meeting, the Integrated Report as well as the Financial Statements and Consolidated Financial Statements of Clariant for the 2020 fiscal year were approved with 99.89 % of the votes. The 2020 Compensation Report was also approved on an advisory basis with 92.55 % of the votes. The members of the Board of Directors and the Executive Committee were discharged with 99.47 % of the votes. 

In addition, the Annual General Meeting approved a distribution through capital reduction (par value reduction) of CHF 0.70 per share, with 99.84 % of the votes. The CHF 0.70 distribution should not be interpreted as a recurring dividend or distribution as it takes into consideration the Group’s performance of the past two financial years (CHF 0.55 per share for FY 2019 and CHF 0.15 per share for FY 2020). 

The Annual General Meeting approved the election of Günter von Au as new Chairman of the Board of Directors until the Annual General Meeting 2022 with 97.96 %. Günter von Au has been a member of the Board of Directors since 2012 and acted as Vice Chairman from 2012 to 2018. The ten other members of the Board of Directors were also reelected by a large majority until the next Annual General Meeting. Further, Dr. Balthasar Settelen, attorney, was reelected as independent proxy until the next Annual General Meeting and PricewaterhouseCoopers AG was confirmed as the statutory auditor for 2021.

The proposal for total compensation of the Board of Directors for the term from the 2021 to the 2022 Annual General Meeting was approved with 92.82 % of the votes, as was the total compensation of the Executive Committee for the 2022 fiscal year, with 93.39 % of the votes.  

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