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(last update: March 13th 2018) 

If you have any questions regarding our data protection procedures, please do not hesitate to contact us at:

Corporate Group Privacy Head

  • 1. General Policy

    CLARIANT and its affiliates (hereinafter referred to as "CLARIANT") aim to give you as much control over your personal data as possible.
    You will usually be able to visit our CLARIANT websites without having to enter any personal details. However, in certain sections of the CLARIANT websites, you will be asked to enter personal data, which will allow us to increase the site's utility for you and helps us to stay in contact with you.
    Examples of when you will be asked for such information include you subscribing for a newsletter, requesting explanatory brochures or information; sending us suggestions using our specialized contact forms; or participating in any online surveys. If you ask us not to use this information to contact you, we will respect your wishes, just as we would if you unsubscribed from the newsletters.
    The personal data provided by you for the aforementioned purposes will be treated confidentially and solely used in connection with dealings between you and CLARIANT. In accordance with Chapter III, Section 1 to 5, Articles 12 - 23, of the EU General data Protection Regulation (GDPR), we advise you that we will store personal data insofar as it relates to our commercial relationship with you. The information provided by you will not be made available or sold to any non-affiliated third parties or organizations not forming part of the CLARIANT Corporation.
  • 2. Purpose of data collection

    As one of the world’s leading specialty chemical companies, CLARIANT contributes to value creation with innovative and sustainable solutions for customers from many industries. Our portfolio is designed to meet very specific needs with as much precision as possible. At the same time, our research and development is focused on addressing the key trends of our time. These include energy efficiency, renewable raw materials, emission-free mobility, and conserving finite resources. Our business units are organized into four Business Areas: Care Chemicals, Natural Resources, Catalysis and Plastics & Coatings. The CLARIANT group of companies has production and distribution facilities in 53 countries.

    2.1. Purpose of data collection, processing or use

    Data collection, processing and use serve to achieve the above-mentioned goals. The main areas for the processing of personal data are: 
    • Personnel (administration and development)
    • Suppliers (administration)
    • Customers (administration and customer care)
    • Business management processes (administration and production)

    2.2. Description of the individuals concerned and of related data and data categories
    Customer data, employee data and supplier data, to the extent required for achievement of the goals mentioned in Section 2.1. above.

    2.3. Recipients or recipient categories to whom/ to which data may be disclosed
    Public offices in case of mandatory legal regulations, external contractors in accordance with Chapter V, GDPR (Articles 44 to 50 ff.) as well as external offices and departments of CLARIANT for achieving the goals mentioned in Section 2.1. above.

    2.4. Statutory periods for data retention
    The data are deleted upon expiry of the legal, statutory or contractually agreed retention periods. Data to which these retention periods do not apply are deleted once the goals stated in Section 2.1. above are no longer applicable. 

    2.5. Projected data transmission to other countries
    In order to process procedures within the scope of the business purpose, data are transmitted to authorities, customers and suppliers in different countries in accordance with the above-mentioned international guidelines. 

    2.6. Security measures
    CLARIANT ensures compliance with safety measures pursuant to Chapter IV, Section 2, Article 32ff. of the GDPR through care in order placement, appropriate quality specifications and employee training. 
  • 3. Storage of access data

    With each access by a user on a page from the CLARIANT online content as well as with each file download, the access data referring to this procedure will be stored in a log file on our server.
    Every data record comprises:

    • the page from where the file was downloaded;
    • the file name;
    • the download date and time;
    • the access status (file transmitted, file not found, etc.);
    • a description of the type of web browser used;
    • the client's IP address

    In regards to the geographic location of the user, an estimate based on the IP number will be made, which will subsequently be evaluated for statistics.
    Accrued user and connection data will be analyzed only for trends and statistics and evaluated anonymously solely for the purpose of optimizing our Internet presence. 
    There will be no disclosure of data to third parties for any commercial or non-commercial purposes. 
    The user is entitled to obtain free information on any stored personal data relating to him/her upon request. In addition, the user has the right to correction, blockage and deletion of such personal data as provided for by law.
  • 4. Cookies

    4.1. General
    Cookies are small text files transmitted from the Internet to your computer together with the presently accessed data. These data will be stored on your computer and held ready for future access.
    We use cookies in some areas. On linked pages cookies may also be used without any possibility on our part to advise you about this.

    4.2. Session cookies
    In the course of registration, so-called session cookies are required, since such data is needed for the user's convenience during authentication and for controlling the access to various areas of our portal.

    4.3. Permanent cookies
    Permanent cookies are used by us, for example, in order to be able to directly transfer our visitors to regionally relevant contents, as well as to record the percentage of recurrent visitors to our web presence.

    4.4. Validity
    The validity of session cookies is limited to the duration of your visit on our portal. They will automatically be deleted when the browser is deactivated. There will be no link to personal data.
    The validity of permanent cookies is limited to a period of 10 years. Most browsers are set so that they automatically accept cookies. You may, however, deactivate the storage of cookies or set your browser in a manner that it will notify you as soon as cookies are set.
  • 5. Use of Remarketing function of Google Inc.

    CLARIANT uses the Remarketing function of Google Inc. (“Google”) on this website.
    By means of this function CLARIANT is able to address you as a visitor of the website wittingly. This is realized by the placement of personalized, interest-oriented advertisements for offers of CLARIANT when you visit other websites in the Google Display Network. In order to allow for the necessary analysis of website use, so called cookies are used (see above). Via these cookies your website visits as well as anonymized data of your website use is tracked and sent to Google. There is no electronic storing of your personal data taking place whatsoever. If you visit another website in the Google Display Network you will see advertisements which most likely concern product and information areas that you have accessed before.

    You can deactivate the use of these cookies permanently by clicking on the following link and downloading as well as installing the provided plug-in: Alternatively, you can deactivate the use of cookies from third parties by visiting the deactivation website of the Network Advertising Initiative and follow the instructions for the Opt-Out. 
  • 6. Links to other websites

    Our online contents include links to other websites. Although we select links very carefully, we do not have any influence on the contents of linked pages or on compliance with privacy policies of the operators of other websites. As a provider, CLARIANT is responsible for its own contents in accordance with general regulations. 
    "Links" to contents offered by other providers are potentially to be differentiated from such CLARIANT’s own contents. CLARIANT will not assume any liability for, nor adopt any third-party contents which are provided for use through links and are particularly identified. Illegal, erroneous or incomplete contents, as well as damage resulting from the use or failure to use such information are the exclusive responsibility of the provider of the website to which reference was made. Our editorial team shall only be responsible for third-party references if they have positive knowledge of them, including any potential illegal or criminal contents, and if it would technically be feasible and reasonable to prevent their use.
  • 7. Business relationships

    Information published by CLARIANT on its own sites may contain references to products and services possibly not announced or available in your country. Such information does not imply CLARIANT's intention to offer the said products and services in your country. Please contact our regional distributor or representative, as the case may be, who will gladly inform you as to the availability of such products and services.
    The CLARIANT websites use brand names to which either CLARIANT or third parties have proprietary rights. Such brand names must not be used without the consent of the relevant holders of rights. CLARIANT holds all rights to the information and the design of its websites and reserves such rights. The responsible processing of your data as well as compliance with all applicable national and international privacy policies is a matter of fact for CLARIANT.
  • 8. Information on data security

    CLARIANT is aware of how important the discreet treatment and protection of information transmitted by you via the Internet is. Data security on our Websites is given absolute priority. We have therefore made great effort to ensure that our online security measures are effective. CLARIANT shop sites are encrypted with SSL technology. 
    CLARIANT websites requiring the input of commercially relevant data, such as a credit card number, are transmitted with SSL encryption. CLARIANT endeavors to continuously adjust encryption technology along with technological progress in order to ensure the confidentiality of data transmitted via the Internet.
  • 9. Responsibilities

    According to Chapter IV, Section 4, Article 37, EU General Data Protection Regulation (EU-GDPR) CLARIANT has designated a Data Protection Officer. The data Protection Officer is involved properly and in a timely manner in all issues, which relate to the protection of personal data.

    CLARIANT respects all aspects of the rights of the data subjects as defined in Chapter III of the EU-GDPR, especially in the areas of transparency, the information and access to personal data as well as the right for rectification and erasure. The Data Protection Officer is providing information about stored personal data and is respecting the right to object, to correct or to delete in an appropriate way to anyone upon request.

    9.1. Name of responsible post 
    CLARIANT International Ltd,

    9.2. Authorized Data Protection and Privacy Officer
    Corporate Data Protection Officer:
    Andreas Blättler, Group Privacy Head (

    9.3. Address of the responsible post
    CLARIANT International Ltd
    Hardstrasse 61
    CH-4133 Pratteln


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