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Selective Oxidation Catalysts for Formaldehyde (FA) Production

FAMAX® Series

FAMAX® catalysts are used for partial oxidation of methanol to formaldehyde in fixed-bed tubular reactors. A broad portfolio of different catalyst types and shapes offer optimum solutions for all plant technologies and operating conditions. FAMAX catalysts are designed with a multi-layer approach tailored to the individual plant conditions. This ensures optimal catalyst activity and maximizes production performance and lifetime of the catalyst.

  • Highly active iron-molybdenum-based catalysts  
  • Tailored multi-layer catalyst designs ensure operation at optimum range for high formaldehyde yields
  • Low COx and low levels of unconverted methanol
  • Customized catalyst design to suit each plant condition
  • Specially shaped catalysts of the FAMAX DS series provide options for lowest pressure drop, maximizing plant capacity or efficiency
  • The improved formulation of FAMAX 200 catalysts offers extended lifetime due to greater low- temperature activity and long-term stability
  • Dedicated services for catalyst loading and performance evaluation


Product compositionIron-Molybdenum
SizeSmaller and bigger tablet sizes
ShapeHollow cylinders and hollow cylinders with engravings
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