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AEL structure type advanced zeotype material

SAPO-11 Zeolite (AEL)

Zeotypes are aluminosilicate and phosphorous-containing crystals. Their unique structures consist of well-defined channels and pores. These channels make them an excellent choice for a variety of applications in catalysis and adsorption.

Clariant is one of the world’s largest producers of specialty zeolite and zeotype powders for chemical and environmental applications. We have development and manufacturing capabilities for virtually any type of zeolite, including modifications to standard zeolites or new developments.

In process catalysts, SAPO-11 (AEL) zeolites are widely used in:

  • Fuels upgrading
  • Isomerization processes

For adsorption purposes, they are used in:

  • Active carbon replacement

 Clariant's standard powder is CZA.

The SAPO-11 (AEL) structure type zeolites have a 1-dimensional pore structure and an opening of 5 Å. 
  • Shape-selectivity allows for discrimination of molecules by size and structure
  • Tailored acidity for high versatility 
  • A variety of electronic interactions between guest molecules and zeolites widens the spectrum of applications
Product Composition
Chemical form: Na, NH4, H
SizeSurface area: >300 m²/g
ShapeZeolite powder


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