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The senescence preventer

for healthy aging

Between 20 and 60% of the fibroblasts are senescent, meaning they are in a state where their functionalities are impaired, but are not eliminated by normal apoptosis process.


In addition to being less efficient in producing extra-cellular matrix key components, these senescent fibroblasts also "contaminate" their neighboring cells: fibroblasts and keratinocytes, leading to an accumulation of senescent cells in the skin. In the long-term, it impairs the skin's ability to regenerate and repair itself, promoting premature skin aging.

To prevent accumulation of senescent cells in the skin, Clariant Active Ingredients developed a new active ingredient with an innovative dual mode of action targeting senolytics and senomorphics at the same time, which is also able to prevent cells senescence: Celyscence. The video besides shows the complete mechanism of action of the product.

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Senescence prevention

Celyscence drastically prevents senescence in cells by reducing the time necessary for an aged cell to replicate: after 31 passages in culture medium, the cells incubated with Celyscence take only 8 days to get to the 32nd passage instead of almost 30 days for the non-treated cells! The cells treated with Celyscence keep their capacity to replicate while the metabolism of non-treated cells is impaired as they age.

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Senolytic effect

Senolytics strategy consists in the selective elimination of senescent cells, that can be replaced by functional ones.

Celyscence is able to induce apoptosis in senescent cells without affecting non-senescent cells, an efficient way to limit the damage to skin function associated with the formation of senescent cells.

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Senomorphic effect

Senomorphics is the process through which senescent cells stop their deleterious activities (secretion of damage-causing substances called SASPs), that lead to senescence spreading in neighboring cells, and even reverse them to a more functional and non-senescent state.

Celyscence efficiently inhibits the secretion of SASPs by senescent cells, such as interleukins (IL-6 and IL-8) and collagenase (MMP-1), preventing senescence contamination. It also demonstrated its ability to inhibit important senescent cells markers, thus turning a senescent cell into a cell with a young profile.


Restoration of functional metabolism for clinically-proven results

As a result, Celyscence restores the crucial ability of dermal fibroblasts to produce collagen. This ultimately ensures aged tissue repair and remodeling efficacy, for visible results on the neck and décolleté, with a skin that is more hydrated and luminous after 56 days.

Thanks to Celyscence, women are more self-confident in their own feminity!


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Be inspired by Celyscence

To inspirate formulators, we developed the "Mist'ical Evening Primer", a mist dedicated to improve complexion.

Download the formulation details below:

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