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Solving the challenge of chemical plastic recycling

Chemical plastic recycling is essential if we are to reduce the growing environmental burden of plastic waste. Instead of being incinerated or ending up in landfills, mixed plastic waste can be converted to pyrolysis oils, which can be used as feedstock for the sustainable production of valuable chemicals.

In this emerging and complex field, producers are faced with continuously changing contaminants in a feed that contains diverse types of plastics. Clariant’s new HDMax® catalysts and ClaritTM adsorbents answer the need for flexible and economical solutions to remove a wide range of impurities, regardless of process configuration or plastic waste feedstock, allowing them to achieve cracker-compatible pyrolysis oil.

Our contribution to a more circular plastics economy




Clariant supports the vision of a more circular economy through sustainable and innovative chemistry. We are committed to working with customers to improve the circularity of their products. 

We offer advanced technologies and extensive expertise for recycling post-consumer plastics back to virgin polymers.

Our dual concept of complementary catalysts and adsorbents plays a crucial role in optimizing product yields and energy efficiency by removing contaminants and improving pyrolysis oil quality.



Collaboration is the key to our success. Our company-wide EcoCircle platform exists to support the transition from a one-way plastics value chain to a circular plastics economy. Our special approach with EcoCircle goes beyond a product focus, looking at the entire value chain and identifying the most sustainable and viable solutions.


HDMax catalysts and Clarit adsorbents for pyrolysis oil purification

Clariant is solving the challenges of pyrolysis oil purification with its new HDMax catalysts and Clarit adsorbents. The powerful, dual solution is specially developed for removing a wide range of impurities from pyrolysis oil, regardless of process configuration or plastic waste feedstock. Used together, the adsorbents extend the lifetime of the catalysts.

This allows flexible, cost-efficient production of pyrolysis oil that is compatible with steam crackers. Our comprehensive solution includes operational support throughout the lifetime of our products to ensure optimum performance and results.

What are your benefits?

Our advanced solution for chemical plastic recycling consists of Clarit adsorbents for the pre-treatment step of pyrolysis oil purification, followed by HDMax series catalysts for subsequent hydrogenation. The complementary products ensure highly effective removal of a broad range of contaminants, such as metals, chlorine, nitrogen, oxygenates, silicon and phosphorous.

The combination gives producers greater flexibility regardless of feedstock changes or process configuration. Our broad portfolio also allows us to offer customized solutions to suit a variety of requirements. Overall, producers are able to process larger volumes of pyrolysis oil of higher quality at lower costs.

Clariant_Icon_Flexible Placement_Puzzle_Team_06-10-2020

Plastic waste
feedstock flexibility 

Clariant_Icon_Improved Efficiency_06-10-2020

Highly efficient
impurity removal 

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Cracker compatible
pyrolysis oil 

Clariant_Icon_Reduced Investment Costs_Money_Dollar_06-10-2020

Higher yields
at lower operating costs 

A dual concept for flexible, economical chemical plastic recycling

  • Flexibility and cost efficiency, regardless of feedstock changes or process configuration
  • Customized solutions for desulfurization, denitrification, deoxygenation and removal of impurities (Cl, metals etc.)
  • Complementary adsorbents and catalysts from one supplier

How Clariant’s products support the transition towards higher recycling rates

Clarit series and adsorbents

  • 1 Mio tons of minerals mined every year
  • More than 100 years' experience in purification of ever-changing feedstocks (e.g. edible oils, oils & fats like UCOs for fuel production)
  • Production in 14 countries at 25 sites
  • Serving customers in 110 countries
  • Decades of technical expertise in edible oil purification and renewable fuels applied for pyrolysis oil purification

HDMax series hydrogenation catalysts

  • HDMax series designed for various challenging feedstocks
  • Offered with base- and precious-metal functionalities
  • Low pressure drop & high mechanical strength
  • Operating experience with hydrogenation and HDMax series since 1950s

Clariant Adsorbents

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Clariant Catalysts

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