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Our waxes for coatings in building and construction -
innovative coating improvement you can build on

Make surfaces look and feel better for longer with our property-enhancing additives

Wall paints and wood coatings are not only essential for beautifying homes and buildings but also for preserving their surfaces. Our wax additives are designed to enhance and protect a wide range of architectural coatings, from interior wall paints and wood finishes to solutions for exteriors. We even help to make the journey between homes safer with our products for road marking paint.

Benefiting from advanced technologies, our products can extend the durability of coatings by enhancing their scratch and abrasion resistance. In addition, our additives can improve the look and feel of coated surfaces by boosting features like color strength, matt appearance and soft and silky touch. With our selection of sustainable ingredients, we help manufacturers develop the health- and eco-conscious solutions that coating users desire.

Watch how we blend eco-benefits with easy incorporation

Our Ceridust® products are finely micronized waxes that can be incorporated directly into paints and coatings. Especially our renewable-based solutions are extremely easy to disperse and highly stable in water-based coatings, combining better sustainability with enhanced ease of use and performance.

Renewable-based solutions for boosting the sustainability and quality of coatings

Besides improving the mar resistance, matting and feel of wood finishes, our specialty waxes also enhance the coefficient of friction and anti-blocking properties of surfaces. In our Ceridust® range, we offer renewable wax additives for wood coatings intended for furniture, flooring, window frames and beams, as well as for wall paint applications.

Our natural solutions are based on non-food competing resources, and their easy dispersion in water-based platforms brings the additional benefit of facilitating formulation. Clariant is proud to be at the forefront of supporting the coatings industry in its sustainability journey. With products that increase the use of biomass, comply with ecolabels and at the same time boost formulation ease and product quality, we contribute to a sustainable and healthy paints and coatings future.

Find out more about our cutting-edge solutions for wood coatings

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Combine sustainability and high performance with our modified natural waxes

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Three good reasons for choosing Clariant
key benefits of our wax offering


Enable anti-burnishing effect, keeping wall finish matt and free of shiny patches even when rubbed with cloth or otherwise exposed to friction


Enable high scratch resistance, enhanced slip control and soft-touch finishes for wood coatings, combined with easy dispersibility even in water-based systems


Enable enhanced production of road marking paints by more effective dispersion of pigments and better scratch resistance of final product

Service and innovation you can count on

Renewable Carbon Index
distinguishing our Licocare® RBW Vita solutions
REACH compliance
established for all our additives and products
Scratch resistance improvement
from our renewable wax solutions in WB PUD system

Discover some of our highlight solutions

  • Ceridust® 1060 Vita
    New micronized product based on renewable feedstock. This modified natural wax is a sustainable solution offering high performance. It is easy dispersible in water and solvent-based wood coatings and shows excellent matting, as well as slip and scratch resistance properties. Furthermore, it gives wood a smooth, pleasant soft touch feel. Used in powder coatings, Ceridust 1060 Vita provides excellent pigment dispersion for bright colors. The modified natural wax furthermore acts as a processing and degassing aid and improves the surface protection. Due to the low melting point and low melt viscosity this additive is also an excellent option for low-temperature curing systems. Effective as lubricant and dispersing agent especially for engineering resin Masterbatches like PA, PC, PET, PBT, TPU, etc.
  • Ceridust® 3716
    Ceridust 3716 is a micronized, polar modified polyethylene wax.
  • Ceridust® 6050 M
    Micronized metallocene based polypropylene wax for powder & wood coatings.Used in powder coatings, Ceridust 6050 M offers interesting properties, including the combination of excellent degassing with a strong matting effect while keeping very good adhesion performance. It also increases the coefficient of friction (anti slip) and enhances scratch resistance. In contrast to amide wax based degassing aids, Ceridust 6050 M improves adhesion properties of the surface e.g. for sealants. Ceridust 6050 M is furthermore a highly effective additive for various liquid lacquers including wood coatings. It is a very strong matting agent that at the same time provides excellent scratch resistance. It is easy dispersible and very stable especially in solvent based systems.
  • Ceridust® 6721
    Micronized blend of amide and polypropylene wax for solvent and water based coatings, powder coatings, and inks. Ceridust 6721 creates an excellent matting effect, scratch resistance, slip properties, and good anti-blocking properties for liquid coatings and inks. In powder coatings, it acts as a degassing agent, reduces gloss of cured powder coatings and enhances scratch resistance.
  • Ceridust® 8091 VITA
    Revolutionary bio-based additive for wood coatings with smooth soft surface. Ceridust 8091 VITA is a is a revolutionary bio-based additive for wood coatings with a mean particle size diameter of approximately 8 μm. The nature of this Ceridust creates a smooth and soft touch surface. By adding the Ceridust 8091 VITA you can increase the coefficient of friction with outstanding scratch and rub resistance performance especially in water-based formulations. In some formulation you can achieve a high water repellence effect on the surface.
  • Licowax® PE 130 granules
    Licowax PE 130 granules is a non-polar high density polyethylene wax.

Explore our wax offerings for other coatings segments

  • Waxes for performance coatings
    Our Licowax® and Ceridust® waxes help to increase the film thicknesses of ships and freighters. They also make crucial features of such films, like water resistance and slip performance, easier to control.
  • Waxes for packaging coatings
    Our wax additives for packaging coatings strengthen the protection of surfaces that have to be tough and wear-resistant. They help to preserve the attractive appearance of metal packaging, such as food and beverage cans or metal personal care containers. They can also be used to enhance the coatings of other packaging substrates, such as paper- or plastics-based materials.
  • Waxes for powder coatings
    Our wax additives help to protect the surfaces and control the appearance and touch of cured powder coatings. They also enhance the manufacturing process and storage stability of powder coatings, enabling higher throughput and quality.
  • PTFE-free alternatives by Clariant
    High-quality PTFE-free solutions with sustainable raw materials for coatings and inks, to handle different types of surfaces with scratch resistance, slip modification, and matting effects.
  • Licocare® Rice Bran Waxes Coatings and Inks
    Licocare RBW making the things of our lives prettier and longer-lasting. (environmental-friendly, surface)
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