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Our waxes for performance coatings
upgrading the properties
of protected surfaces

Additives for giving tougher coats to what carries and connects us

Marine, protective and intumescent coatings have to be particularly robust and, especially in environments like the sea and ocean, resist constant challenges and threats. Our Licowax® and Ceridust® waxes help to increase the film thicknesses of ships and freighters. They also make crucial features of such films, like water resistance and slip performance, easier to control.

Our solutions give better mechanical strength and scratch and scuff resistance to vehicle coatings and coil coatings, which is especially important for heavy duty applications. Benefits range from better protection of metal substrates against rust and delamination to improved surface finishes, color properties, and even flop effects. To 3C coatings, used for applications like phone casings and computer keyboards, our waxes are also able to add many advantages, including longer durability, better looks and smoother feel.

Special solutions for special challenges – a few examples from our portfolio

Using our long-standing experience and expertise, we have the ambition of providing high-quality solutions to our customers’ needs that are closely tailored to their challenges and applications.

Thanks to their thixotropic effects, our Ceridust® 3716 and 3910 waxes can provide exceptional film thicknesses, enhancing coatings longevity in aggressive environments. Ceridust® 3920 F and 9610 F are designed to boost the mechanical robustness and abrasion resistance of can coatings and 3C coatings, while Ceridust® 8091 Vita and 8330 can be used to give a more pleasant feel to the coatings of consumer products. With Licowax® 371 F, we offer a special additive for improving pigment orientation and flop effects, and our Licocene® PP MA grades can help to provide enhanced corrosion resistance on metal substrates.

Find out more about our innovative solutions for performance coatings

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Give better corrosion protection to metals
with our LICOCENE® PP MA grades

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Three good reasons for choosing Clariant
Key benefits of pure wax solutions


Special solutions for giving a pleasant texture and feel to coated surfaces and devices


Additives imparting thixotropic behavior to facilitate achievement of high film thicknesses


Products for improving mechanical robustness to obtain better scratch, mar and corrosion resistance

Sustainability and compliance
you can count on

Renewable Carbon Index
distinguishing our Licocare® RBW Vita solutions
REACH compliance
established for all our additives and products
Non-food competing
rice bran waxes with high sustainability

Discover some of our highlight solutions

  • Ceridust® 3716
    Ceridust 3716 is a micronized, polar modified polyethylene wax.
  • Ceridust® 3910
    Micronized amide wax for solvent and water-based coatings, powder coatings, and printing inks. It can also be used in plastic application as dispersion and lubricating agent.For liquid coatings and inks, Ceridust 3910 offers excellent anti-blocking and slip properties, water repellency effect, and enhances scratch resistance, with minimal impact of transparency. This can be used in can coating application as meat releasing agent. In powder coatings, Ceridust 3910 acts as an effective degassing agent and is suitable for post-blending. It also demonstrates excellent dispersion and lubricating properties in plastic application.
  • Ceridust® 8091 VITA
    Revolutionary bio-based additive for wood coatings with smooth soft surface. Ceridust 8091 VITA is a is a revolutionary bio-based additive for wood coatings with a mean particle size diameter of approximately 8 μm. The nature of this Ceridust creates a smooth and soft touch surface. By adding the Ceridust 8091 VITA you can increase the coefficient of friction with outstanding scratch and rub resistance performance especially in water-based formulations. In some formulation you can achieve a high water repellence effect on the surface.
  • Licowax® 371 FP
    Licowax 371 FP is an oxidized ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA) wax.

Explore our wax offerings for other coatings segments

  • Waxes in building & construction coatings
    Our wax additives are designed to enhance and protect a wide range of architectural coatings, from interior wall paints and wood finishes to solutions for exteriors. We even help to make the journey between homes safer with our products for road marking paint.
  • Waxes for packaging coatings
    Our wax additives for packaging coatings strengthen the protection of surfaces that have to be tough and wear-resistant. They help to preserve the attractive appearance of metal packaging, such as food and beverage cans or metal personal care containers. They can also be used to enhance the coatings of other packaging substrates, such as paper- or plastics-based materials.
  • Waxes for powder coatings
    Our wax additives help to protect the surfaces and control the appearance and touch of cured powder coatings. They also enhance the manufacturing process and storage stability of powder coatings, enabling higher throughput and quality.
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