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Clariant's MegaMax® catalyst chosen by European Energy for world's largest e-methanol plant

Clariant's MegaMax catalysts excel in green methanol production thanks to their exceptional activi...
  • European Energy is building the world’s largest CO2-to-green methanol plant, with an annual capacity of 32,000 tons
  • End-customers include maritime giant Maersk, the Lego Group and Novo Nordisk
  • MegaMax catalyst optimally suited for green methanol production due to its high activity and enhanced stability

MUNICH, July 20, 2023 - Clariant Catalysts continues to drive energy transition lighthouse projects. European Energy selected Clariant´s methanol synthesis catalyst MegaMax for the world’s largest e-methanol project. Located in Kasso, Denmark, the facility is scheduled to start operations by the end of 2023. It will have the capacity to produce 32,000 tons of e-methanol annually from carbon dioxide using Clariant’s catalyst. MegaMax was chosen as it is proven to deliver high activity and stability under the challenging conditions of CO2-to-methanol conversion. A large portion of the plant’s annual yield is already allocated to the maritime giant Maersk for powering its first-ever carbon-neutral fleet. The remaining green methanol will be supplied to the Lego Group and Novo Nordisk.

Georg Anfang, Vice President Syngas and Fuels at Clariant Catalysts, commented, “We are proud to be part of this pioneering project with European Energy. Clariant Catalysts has been developing Power-to-X technologies, including green methanol, for over a decade. As a substitute for maritime bunker fuel, green methanol has a huge potential to be a key component of the energy transition to decarbonize the transport sector."

Anders Brendstrup, Vice President at European Energy, added, “We are very pleased to have Clariant on board. Their renowned expertise and advanced products are a perfect match for our vision to drive the green energy transition. We see many advantages in our partnership, not only for this groundbreaking project but also for future ventures.”

European Energy was founded in 2004 with the goal of driving the green transition and developing sustainable, fossil-free energy solutions. The multinational company has major investments in solar and wind energy projects, as well as power-to-x and carbon capture technologies. European Energy builds 1000 MW of renewable energy annually.

Clariant’s MegaMax is an ideal solution for European Energy’s Power-to-Methanol project, as it provides the enhanced stability required for green methanol production. The catalyst also offers outstanding activity – even at very low reactor temperatures and pressures. Moreover, MegaMax is very well suited to pure CO2 conditions, delivering high conversion rates when combined with green H2 feed. The catalyst’s superior selectivity also prevents the formation of by-products in the yield, which greatly improves the sustainability and economics of green methanol synthesis.

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