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Methanol Synthesis - Increasing plant efficiency and lifetime productivity

Methanol is an important platform molecule for chemicals and energy. Not only is it a C1 building block for base chemicals (e.g. formaldehyde), but also a starting material for innovative processes like methanol to olefin (MTO) and methanol to propylene (MTP). Furthermore, methanol has clearly arrived in the energy sector, and plays an increasingly important role in fuel blending, ship fuel, methanol to gasoline (MTG), power to methanol (PTM), and other projects addressing the general need for higher sustainability.

Clariant has been developing, producing, and marketing highly active and selective catalysts for methanol production for well over 50 years, continuously improving catalyst performance to serve changing market needs.

We offer a complete range of methanol synthesis catalysts and technologies and support you with comprehensive technical services to ensure their optimal performance. Our customers benefit from higher lifetime productivity, lower by-product formation, and reduced feedstock and energy consumption.

Since the early 1970s, Air Liquide Engineering & Construction and Clariant Catalysts have been in a strategic collaboration, which has led to many innovations over the last 50 years. Our close partnership allows us to offer customers turnkey solutions for highly efficient methanol production.

Our Portfolio

Methanol Synthesis

  • MegaMax 800
    MegaMax® 800 is a state-of-the-art methanol synthesis catalyst that offers much higher activity than previous solutions – even at low reactor temperatures and pressures.
  • MegaMax 900
    MegaMax® 900 is Clariant’s latest generation of methanol synthesis catalysts.
  • MegaZonE
    Clariant’s efforts to continuously improve methanol catalyst performance are not limited solely to catalyst formulation, but also focus on the overall process and how the catalysts can be optimally utilized in the complete reactor system.

Clariant’s portfolio of methanol process catalysts also include:

Our ReforSafE services

Clariant Image Thermal Imaging 570x363 20201217


Clariant Catalysts provides high-tech monitoring and catalyst solutions to help Syngas plants to perform at their full potential to be competitive. Our ReforSafETM is an advanced technical service solution for a comprehensive reformer survey and performance optimization.


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Watch how our MegaMax catalysts increase methanol production

Clariant Video MegaMax Catalysts - Breakthrough in methanol synthesis performance 2023 EN

Watch how our sorbents protect methanol synthesis catalysts

Clariant Video ActiSorb MegaGuard - Protecting methanol synthesis catalysts 2023 EN

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