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Our solutions for industrial applications -
enhancing products and processes with versatile phosphorus chemistry

From closing rings in chemicals to improve metalworking and many other industries

Phosphorus compounds can not only be used as flame retardants but also in many other industrial applications. They serve as vital chemicals for making products like pharmaceuticals, vitamins, catalysts and glass. And, in the form of phosphate esters, they can enhance anything from metalworking fluids and industrial cleaners to laundry detergents and paints.

We offer high-quality polyphosphoric acids and phosphorus pentoxide for chemical and other industrial uses, and we turn these compounds into our versatile range of Hordaphos® phosphoric acid esters. In addition, we provide stabilized red phosphorus for pyrotechnics.

Hordaphos® – our multifunctional product range for manifold uses

By varying their chemistries, we have tailored the phosphate esters of our Hordaphos® range to many industrial uses. They can help to cool and lubricate machinery in metalworking while also inhibiting corrosion. And they are strongly acidic yet non-corrosive to metal when fighting scale and organic deposits in mining, food processing and other industries.

With their high adaptability, our Hordaphos® products can also be used for controlling foam and static in detergents or enhancing the dispersion and color strength of pigments. Just tell us the properties you’re looking for – and we’ll surely find a solution.

Find out more about our solutions for industrial applications

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Wide-ranging versatility at a glance

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Three good reasons for doing business with us, key benefits of our solutions for industrial applications


Our broad Hordaphos® portfolio can be used for a wide range of products and applications in various industries


Our phosphorus pentoxide is a high-quality raw material that is supplied from two independent production locations


Our red phosphorus is provided in stabilized and microencapsulated form to enhance process safety and easy handling

Is Clariant a good choice when it comes to phosphorus products? Michael Walter definitely thinks so

»We, at TER Chemicals have been distributing Clariant’s phosphorus products for many years now and are very happy with our partnership. High quality, reliability, and a strong focus on customer value – Clariant brings everything to the table that a trusted supplier should.«

Clariant Image Michael Walter 2020
Michael Walter
Head of Product Management,
TER Chemicals Distribution Group

Product and values you can count on

Guide formulations
with Hordaphos® ingredients for
a wide range of cleaners
Parts per million
achievable as lowest
arsenic content in our
phosphorus pentoxide
Phosphorus content
present in the products of
our red phosphorus range

First-rate products and phosphorus performance

  • Phosphorus pentoxide (P2O5)
    Phosphorus pentoxide is a white, microcrystalline, light weight powder which is produced by the combustion of elemental phosphorus in an excess of oxygen. Phosphorus pentoxide is the anhydride of orthophosphoric acid, H3PO4. It is very hygroscopic and is converted by water to H3PO4 via intermediates. The reaction with water is very vigorous and proceeds with the evolution of a large amount of heat. Due to its highly hygroscopic and microcrystalline character, the capability of flowing of P2O5 may vary in a certain range. Furthermore, the formation of soft agglomerates, which come apart under slight pressure, is not preventable.
  • Red Phosphorus HB 600
    Red Phosphorus HB 600 is a stabilized and microencapsulatedgrade of red phosphorus, delivered as a wet filter cake with 9-25% moisture (mean value for all drums of one delivery max. 20% moisture). It has a good oxidation and thermal stability. Red Phosphorus HB 600 is a brownish-red powder that is insoluble in water and organic solvents.
  • Hordaphos® MDGB
    Hordaphos MDGB is an effective corrosion inhibitor for acidic aqueous systems, e.g. for cleaners for the food processing industry. It is a clear, colorless to yellowish liquid with an ester-like odor. The product is not in all ratios clearly soluble in water.For more details see our Video about Hordaphos.

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