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Additive solutions for under-the-hood applications -
excellent heat resistance and optimized processing

For under-the-hood (UTH) applications, the main challenge is a wide range of very high operating temperatures in irregular intervals, high mechanical strain, and exposure to aggressive fluids such as additivated liquids and oils. Plastics like filled polypropylene (PP) or polyamide (PA) compounds need to fulfill the constantly increasing requirements, combining high heat resistance temperature and long-term surface aesthetics to ensure product quality and resilience.


  • AddWorks® LXR 568 MP
    AddWorks LXR 568 MP is a highly efficient phosphorous based processing stabilizer solution, which reduces the thermo-oxidative degradation of polymers and the development of undesired color (yellowing). AddWorks LXR 568 MP shows enhanced hydrolytic stability, a high thermal stability and high solubility in polymeric materials. It has a broad compatibility in coating polymers.
  • Hostanox® O 3 pills
    Hostanox O 3 pills is a highly efficient phenolic antioxidant with high resistance against hydrolysis, providing long term heat stabilization to polyolefins and polyamide especially for applications where the final article comes in contact with extractive media such as water, fat etc.
  • Hostanox® SE 10
    Hostanox SE 10 is a thio-ether based highly effective co-stabilizer with excellent compatibility with polyolefins.

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