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Additive solutions for textiles -
tailor-made solutions for every need

Clariant offers a wide range of multi-functional performance additives that are designed for different types of synthetic fibers, yarns and textiles like polyamide, polyester, spandex or polypropylene.

Textiles made from polymer materials like polyester are a part of everyday life. Be it a billowing, flowery skirt, underware, swimming suits,  a non-iron shirt or a colorful print scarf, they provide a broad range of advantages which Clariant helps to bring to the market thanks to our tailor-made performance additives.

And we equip high-tech textiles with specific functions used for e.g. lightweight outdoor jackets, moisture-transporting or breathable sports clothing, quick-drying swimsuits or shaping dresses.

High resilience, light stabilization, washing resistance and flame retardancy are some of the important features we provide for textiles.


  • AddWorks® TFB 117
    Synergistic stabilising solution for polyamides.
  • Hostanox® O 3 pills
    Hostanox O 3 pills is a highly efficient phenolic antioxidant with high resistance against hydrolysis, providing long term heat stabilization to polyolefins and polyamide especially for applications where the final article comes in contact with extractive media such as water, fat etc.
  • Nylostab® S-EED® FF
    Nylostab S-EED FF (free flowing) is a unique multifunctional additive specially tailored for high compatibility with nylons by molecular recognition.

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