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Our solutions for hot melt adhesives -
improving the bond between us and nature

Solve your own and the world’s bonding challenges with our high-performing polymers and waxes

Thanks to their excellent performance, eco-profiles and recyclability, hot melt adhesives are experiencing exceptional growth and have taken center stage in many bonding applications.

Our Licocene® metallocene polyolefins put a new spotlight on what can be done with these superior hot melt adhesives. With their unmatched versatility and disruptive abilities, our precision-tailored polyethylene and polypropylene offerings will change the way you look at the performance, production benefits and sustainability of hot melt solutions.

Creating a new bond between planet and performance in adhesive manufacturing

The cutting-edge metallocene technology behind our Licocene® range allows us to custom-design our polyolefins with pinpoint accuracy and precisely fit them to the performance needs of our customers adhesive developments. Our polymers and waxes combine low molecular weight with high mechanical strength, provide just the right balance of adhesion and cohesion, protect your productivity with high heat resistance — and have consumer friendly odor and VOC profiles.

Where conscious consumers are concerned, our products also help to create new bonds by offering 100% renewable-based options that push the sustainability of hot melt formulating to new limits. Significantly reducing the carbon footprint of adhesives, they aid our customers in fixing their own and the world’s challenges with the enhanced benefits of sustainable-based hot melts.

Consumers care about carbon and like to keep it low

Two doughnut charts show the clear preference consumers have for the carbon-labeled, low-carbon products Clariant enables.

Three good reasons for choosing Clariant
key benefits of our Licocene® solutions


Metallocene catalyst technology provides unique microstructural control, flexibility and potential for modification


Licocene® Terra line offers renewable-based options that can substantially shrink the carbon footprint of products


Licocene® products can serve as property-enhancing ingredients, backbone polymers, or even as fully functional adhesives by themselves

Stability and strength you can count on

Hands-on support
provided globally from the locations of our team in the EU, US and China
Adhesive innovation
enabled by our cutting-edge lab unit, pilot plant and polymerization lines
Further formulation
needed for polymerizing our products into fully functional adhesives

Watch how we innovate to improve adhesives

With our Licocene® products, we take sustainable innovation to the next level.

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