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Our wax solutions for agricultural coatings -
waxes that smooth the way to better crops and yields

Wax ingredients for better performance in agriculture, plus a growing range of renewable solutions

Our waxes can be used to improve agricultural applications, such as fertilizers, seed coatings and adjuvant formulations. They provide anti-caking and anti-dusting effects and enhance such important properties as flowability and water resistance. When used for fruit and vegetable coatings, our waxes enhance the natural protection of these precious farming products and help prevent weight loss and spoilage. With our growing choice of renewable-based solutions, we are also a great partner for enhancing the eco-footprints of coatings and products. Our renewable, microplastics-free Licocare ® RBW and formulations based on Licocare ® RBW can help our customers to fulfill their needs for agricultural coatings.

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Agricultural coatings can be used for many different purposes and the properties they require are very diverse. Feel free to contact us so that we can address your specific type of application and find the best solution for your needs.

Prevent caking and ensure flowability with our wax additives

Our high-performing wax additives can significantly enhance the flow and anti-caking properties of coated fertilizers, seeds and other granules.

Two beakers on their sides show better flowability of fertilizer granules with Licocare® RBW Vita coating versus those without.

Naturally grow your business – in step with global trends

Our comprehensive offering of wax solutions and extensive know-how can bring great value to businesses operating in the agricultural sector. Based on their needs and the latest market trends, our technical team continuously develops new ways to enhance the performance of our products. As illustrated by our renewable-based Licocare® RBW Vita waxes, sustainability is a particular focus of this work – allowing our customers to stay in step with its steadily growing importance.

More water-resistant agricultural coatings for improved control over effects

If required, our Licocare® RBW Vita waxes can be used to give coatings and films outstanding water resistance, which can be a great benefit in many agricultural applications. When used on fertilizers, water-resistant coatings can lead to a slower and more controlled release of nutrients, while adjuvants made with our waxes can increase the wash-off-resistance of active ingredients, thereby boosting their effects.

Controlled release results in a more efficient use of crop care products and helps to prevent the loss of nutrients, as well as their undesired release into the environment. Our waxes can either be used as main ingredients or as additives in existing coating systems.

Four fertilizer pellets in water show better water resistance of Licocare® RBW Vita coating and thus slower release of actives.

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Key benefits of our offering for agricultural applications


Renewable solutions improving the sustainability and biodegradability of agricultural coatings and formulations


Better handling and storage due to improved properties such as anti-caking, anti-dusting and free flow


Enhanced surface protection and performance due to better water resistance, rain fastness, release control and other benefits

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