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Counter Ion

Health Care Excipients

It is increasingly evident that drug delivery mechanisms involving an assembly of molecules, or changes in their conformation, are often counter ion dependent, and may therefore be conveniently modulated by counter ion selection.

Counterions are applied to enhance the solubility of drugs. They form a salt with the active which dissociates in the body. The ionic form of the active is better soluble and the bioavailability is enhanced. Meglumine is used as a counterion for anionic APIs (acidic character) as it itself can be positively charged. It is theoretically suitable as a counterion for weak acids and all drugs with a pKa < 6 (acidic substances).

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  • Meglumine

This versatile ingredient is used either as a counterion to form a salt with the API or as a functional excipient. Traditionally applied as counterion in contrast media, meglumine can be also used to enhance API solubility, improve API stability, and adjust pH value.

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  • VitiPure® Meglumine LEX
    VitiPure® Meglumine LEX improves the solubility and bioavailability of APIs. Meglumine is a multi-talented functional excipient which is used as a counter-ion to form a salt with the API, or as a standard excipient to modify the pH to enhance the API solubility and stability. Traditionally, Meglumine is used as a counter-ion in contrast media. Applications include oral solid, and liquid formulations. And, widely used in sensitive formulations where low bioburden and low endotoxin grade is required.

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