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Excipients to enhance medicines

High performance excipients leveraged on high-quality standards

Pharmaceutical Excipients for effective solubilization, bioavailability enhancement, controlled release, target delivery, stabilization, continuous manufacturing, preservation and viscosity enhancement.

At your service, with a broad portfolio

With a positive and progressive track-record in the pharmaceutical industry, Clariant has a wide product portfolio of Excipients beneath the brands VitiPure®, Polyglykols, Lanogen® and Motusflex® supported by our high-quality standards to maximize the potential in medicines. Our principle is to provide superior performance products to deli ver effective solutions to our customers.

Explore our expertise in 8 focus fields

Solubilizers for Standard Applications
Polyglykol, Vitipure® P, O, L, HCO, CO, HS: Solubility enhancement
Solubilizers for High-Risk Applications
VitiPure LEX ®, VitiPure ® SUPERIOR: Low bioburden, low elemental impuritiescfor sensitive APIs
Control Release
Polyglykol, Vitipure® HCO: Dissolution rate modification
Raw Materials for PEG Lipids and Functional PEGs
Polyglykol, Vitipure® HCO: Dissolution rate modification
Tableting Aids for Direct Compression
Polyglykol, Vitipure® P, HCO: Continuous manufacturing, cost saving compared to wet granulation
Rheology Modifiers
MotusFlex®: Viscosity enhancement with exeptional sensorial effect
Counter Ion
VitiPure® NMG: Solubility and bioavailabillity enhancement
VitiPure® PARABENS, PHENOXETOL, BHT: Preservatives and Antioxidants

High functional Excipients

Our Excipients are supporting drug formulations as Emulsifiers, Rheology Modifiers, Binders, Humectants, Plasticizers etc. for all sorts of pharmaceutical dosage applications.

With a robust Global Product Stewards hip service in place, Clariant’s approach to health, safety and environmental protection is governed by the principles of sustainable development and by our participation in Responsible Care Initiative.

We provide all the documents for qualification, registration and risk assessment as per current EMA / FDA regulatory guidelines.

Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) plays a significant role in the pharmaceutical world and is referencing to a risk assessment as excipients are regulated as starting materials for medical products. GMP are practices required to comply with guidelines recommended by regulatory authorities that control the approval and licensing of the manufacture and sale of, among other things, pharmaceutical products and medical devices. These guidelines contain minimum requirements that a manufacturer must meet to ensure that its products are of consistently high quality from one batch to the next for their intended use.

The excipient starting materials may or may not be required to be manufactured in accordance with GMP requirements for excipients because these other uses of the material do not demand the adoption of GMP.


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