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Direct Compression

Health Care Excipients

Oral dosages continues to be the most popular dosage form; hence the importance of tablet manufacturing which has taken a new dimension since the introduction of the direct compression technology.

Direct compression excipients play significant role in improving flowability and compressibility during the manufacture of tablets by direct compression method.

Direct compression technology has recently gained significant focus as a simplified, cost effective, highly efficient and reliable method thanks to the commercial availability of micronized drugs, excipients and equipment to produce tablets which further enables continuous manufacturing.

How can Clariant help you to get a solution? We offer a wide range of direct compression excipients that enables the continuous manufacturing and facilitates cost saving compared to wet granulation

  • PEGs
  • PEG-Derivatives

Direct compression excipients are not only directly compressible themselves, but they can also be mixed with a large percentage of the Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (API) with no major deterioration in tablet quality

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