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Raw Materials for PEG Lipids and Functional PEGs

Health Care Excipients

With the new era of vaccines taking-off based on mRNA technology, the next frontier in medicine is now closer to develop innovative medicines with promising results to treat many type of diseases. The pipeline of mRNA drugs is increasing substantially, many already in pre-clinical and clinical phases. The industry have observed a tremendous growth have been observed in the last years were diseases such as cancer, cardiovascular deficiencies, endocrine, infections among others have been targeted.

As a consequence, Lipid Nanoparticles (LNPs) have emerged across the pharmaceutical industry as a vital component in the production of vaccines using the mRNA technology playing a key role in effectively protecting and transporting mRNA to cells. One of the key components of the Lipid Nanoparticles is the PEGLipid, enabling the stabilization of the LNP during formationand controls the particle size.

How can Clariant help you to get a solution? We offer several molecular weight Methoxy Polyethylene Glycols (mPEGs) as key starting raw material for development of PEG-Lipids that support to create hydration shell around the fragile LNPs. Additionally, mPEGs are backbone of functional PEGs used for protein PEGylation to increase their circulation time in the body.

  • Methoxy Polyethylene Glycols

The future of LNPs in medicine is promising as new varieties and types are now a reality. Significant progress has been made over the past years regarding drug delivery systems, especially nanostructured lipid carriers and the ionizable cationic nanoparticles, substantially increasing broaderapplications of the LNP formulations paving the ground for new innovative treatments including RNA therapies / vaccines.

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  • VitiPure M 2000 PE
    VitiPure M 2000 PE is a pelletized MPEG product, produced under DIN ISO 9001 conditions. This product has been developed to serve the needs of customers working in liposomal or protein pegylation type of drug delivery solutions. Being typically used as starting raw material for development of PEG-lipids or for activated PEGs for protein pegylation, the specification of VitiPureTM M 2000 PE has been already extended including also USP-NF aspects to fulfill the purity requirements.Chemical name: Methyl polyglycol, average molar mass 2000 g/mol

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