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Rheology Modifiers

Health Care Excipients

Pharma formulators have specific needs that the polymer chemistry can address. With decades of experience in skin care applications, Clariant‘s scientists offer a deep know-how and expertise for topical formulations requiring quality products with exceptional features.

The Motusflex polymers are the ideal rheology modifiers providing many advantages for pharmaceutical formulations. Being synthetically manufactured under GMP conditions, they provide batch to batch consistency with defined impurity profile allowing robust formulation development with minimal risk of variations, performance and characteristics. These polymers are pre-neutralized reducing the process steps and offer easy scalability of batches from R&D to pilot to production size.

How can Clariant help you to get a solution? We offer a wide range of rheology modifiers targeting viscosity requirements of high or low viscous formulations with exceptional sensorial effect and in challenging environment of high salt concentrations

  • Synthetic Cross-linked Polymers

These multi-purpose rheology modifier are able to achieve the desired viscosity, can also help in controlling shelf stability, formulate in cold processing to deliver an outstanding sensorial effect

Related products

  • Motusflex HV
    Motusflex HV is a high viscosity rheology modifier & synthetic polymer used as a gelling agent for aqueous systems and as a texturizer and thickener for oil-in-water emulsions. Motusflex HV provides formulations with excellent yield value, corresponding to superior stability even in the absence of additional emulsifier. This product has a good compatibility with APIs and organic solvents (ethanol, acetone) and is stable towards UV radiation and high shear stress.
  • Motusflex MF
    Motusflex MF is a multi-functional rheology modifier & synthetic polymer which offers the solution for complex skin formulations – a true partner which suits your specific requirements. Motusflex® MF is ready to use and easy to add at any formulation stage as it disperses quickly in the water or oil phase. It is easy to add Motusflex MF at any formulation step (oil or water phase) and cold processable.
  • Motusflex LV
    Motusflex LV is a low viscosity rheology modifier & synthetic polymer. Motusflex LV consists of a large, hydrophilic portion and a smaller hydrophobic portion. This chemical structure allows this copolymer to function as primary emulsifier and stabilizer in oil-in-water emulsions. This is done as the hydrophobic portion adsorbs at the oil-water interface, and the hydrophilic portion swells in the water phase to provide exceptional emulsion stability to a broad range of oils. In combination with other polymers like Motusflex HV, Motusflex LV can be used to modify skin rheology and texture, improve pick up as well as to reduce the total amount of required thickener. It is indicated for low-viscosity formulations like lotions, wet wipes, sprayable formulations, hot and cold O/W formulations with an elegant and rich skin after-feel.

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