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Neutralizing agents

Multifunctional neutralizing agents have to fulfill a lot of requirements with regard to performance, safety and eco-compatibility, while at the same time being in line with today's market trends and end-consumer needs. Our products enhance the performance and quality profile of the paint formulation as well as its complexity by reducing the overall amount of additives.

Our hero: Genamin® Gluco 50

Genamin® Gluco 50 is a multifunctional neutralizer for waterborne paints used to adjust the pH-value to around 8 - 10 to create a stable paint system with minor interactions between the paint components. Genamin® Gluco 50 reduces formulation complexity by minimizing the number of additives in the paint recipe, resulting in less raw material handling and logistic costs.

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The latest innovation for the paint industry is Genamin® Gluco 50, a renewable-based and VOC/SVOC-free specialty amine without any hazard labeling; thus the ideal ingredient for your paint formulations that you would like to get certified with the US Green Seal.

Enhance your paint quality by
  • improving the storage stability
  • increasing the tinting strength
  • reducing the formation of flash rust

Technical data, MSDS & samples

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Ecolabel compliant

low VOC


> Genamin® Gluco 50
> Genamin® MTT
> Genamin® NT 018
> Genamin® A 016

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