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Stabilizers for biocide-free mineral paints

Stabilizers are important additives for organosilicate paint formulations as they have a major influence on the paint’s flow behavior by buffering the interactions between paint ingredients (e.g. pigments, fillers, additives).

Currently, the offering of stabilizers for organosilicate paints on the market is limited. In response, Clariant has evaluated its stabilizers as a stand-alone stabilizer (Dispersogen® SPS).

The latest innovation is Dispersogen® SP Plus. This is a unique product on the market because it is the only additive that is used as both a stabilizer and a dispersant. At the same time, Dispersogen SP Plus enhances application properties, comparable to those of dispersion paints (high PVC).

Wetting agents to improve paint formulations

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Application benefits in organosilicate paints


Improved storage stability

Improving rheology profile

Water permeability

Reducing formulation complexity

> Dispersogen SP Plus

> Dispersogen SPS 



Outstanding results / highly beneficial
Excellent performance
Good performance

less complexity by reducing 1 component in formulation
✓✓ less complexity by reducing 2 components in formulation


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