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ClariCoat: simplify your paint formulation

ClariCoat helps identify the best paint additives for each customer’s formulation needs. It is a powerful digital consultant that integrates technical expertise for developing customized solutions.

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  • Results-focused additive advice
  • Data-driven outputs
  • 24/7 access
  • Digital customization of formulations
  • Holistic range of performance criteria
  • Results based on actual tests
  • High customer focus
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Clariant’s new digital assistant for choosing the right additive for your paints

5 reasons to use ClariCoat

ClariCoat inspires us with different stories from our lives:

Strong cohesion

Clariant Image My Paint Holds On 20220916

Sun, wind or water: increasingly extreme weather conditions demand a lot of paint formulations. ClariCoat finds the best products to ensure resilient paint formulations.

Safety first

Clariant Image My Paint Is Safe 20220916

Safety and health are vital considerations when choosing paints and coatings. ClariCoat lets you choose the best, most sustainable additives for your requirements.

Express yourself

Clariant Image My Paint Represents My Culture 20220916

Every paint carries meaning that affects us subliminally. And there are countless ways to personalize our solutions in ways that matter to us and our culture. ClariCoat supports you on this journey by helping you choose the very best additives for your paint formulations.

Get a new look

Clariant Image My Paint Can Repair 20220916

ClariCoat helps optimize new coats of paint for any surface. The right additives are essential for ensuring that paint will adhere for as long as possible. This is yet another way in which ClariCoat excels.

Your comfort zone

Clariant Image My Paint Makes Me Feel At Home 20220916

Home sweet home. Paint is key for defining the mood of rooms, creating feel-good oases where people feel at home. And ClariCoat additives take it to the next level.

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