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Boosting preservation impact

Discover how our preservation portfolio will empower you to boost your formulation impact at all levels: protection efficacity, product longevity, safety & sustainability. All our formulations pass the Eur. Pharm. Challenge test with A-pass! 

Formulation Key ingredient What you need to know
“Enjoy the sun” SPF 30 sun care cream
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Velsan SC Nipaguard SCP
  • Velsan SC and Nipaguard SCP ensure the highest protection of formulations with a large amount of organic UV filters
  • Improve solubilization properties and obtain non-tacky formulations
  • Full flexibility: choose between lighter textures or a rich skin feel
Sulfate-free & deep clean “Mild & repair shampoo”
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Nipaguard SCE
  • Very gentle sulfate – free shampoo
  • Nipaguard SCE ensures perfect protection and combines efficacy with enhanced sustainability benefits
  • Formulation suitable for baby care products
“Crystal clean micellar gel”
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Velsan Flex
  • 3-in-1 multifunctional booster performance: surfactant (for cleansing), solubilizer and preservation booster in this innovative micellar gel formulation
  • Velsan Flex can be used in highly aqueous formulations without any additional solubilizer and can substitute petrol-based solubilizers, leading to clear, oil-containing formulations
Diaper Rash Cream with ZnO
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Velsan CGE
  • Emollient and efficient choice for natural leave-on formulations
  • High effective against Candida albicans
  • Velsan CGE is based on 100% renewable source and NATRUE-approved

Ingredients for cosmetic preservation

From traditional preservation ingredients to sophisticated multifunctional preservative boosting solutions. We offer safe, efficient and tested preservation concepts for many formulation challenges

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