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Embrace naturally

Focus on skin rhythm, relaxing moments and intense touch sensations

Nowadays, life is so busy there’s not much time to connect to our emotions and well-being. Take a moment and let nature pamper you. With this dedicated skin care regime, we offer a reconnection to emotions with mild, natural origin ingredients fully respectful of the skin. Each ingredient has been carefully selected, the formulations all optimized to offer intense sensations.

Clariant Teaser Female Skin After Take A Shower Rain Kiss Formulation 20220331

Moisturize: RAIN KISS formulation

Helps the skin to stay soft and hydrated when exposed to pollution

Clariant Teaser Beautiful Red Haired Girl Fruitful Day Formulation Square 20220331

Protect: FRUITFUL DAY formulation

Promotes a strong barrier function for highly anti-ageing visible results

Clariant Teaser Woman Hands Applying Moisturizing Cream 20220331

Repair: COMFY COCOON formulation

Soothes and relieves the very dry hands with water resistance effect

Clariant Teaser Traditional  Rounded Wood Body Lotion 20220331

Nourish: EVOKE VELOUR formulation

Replenishes moisture for softer and smoother skin

Clariant Teaser Closeup Portrait Of A Pretty Young Woman Using Cot 20220331

Cleanse: PAMPERING EVENING formulation

Gently removes the impurities and makeup while leaving the skin silky smooth

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