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Embracing Aging


Instead of using terms like ‘anti-aging’ people are now celebrating regeneration, renewal and radiance -- people are speaking more openly about the effects of age. The beauty industry is also starting to acknowledge the impact that menopause has on skin and hair with new products launched specifically for this. As the stigma surrounding aging decreases, more and more people are embracing grey hair and choosing not to dye their hair to hide it.


Formulation take-away: Target more specific mature hair and skin issues via more varied formats, luxurious sensorials, and new routines.

Clariant formulation

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Illuminating Silver Hair Nectar

Boosts mature hair volume & shine

Volumizing leave-in hair nectar with antioxidant protection
This light hair nectar illuminates naturally grey hair while plumping each strand to create a look that is full of vitality. It also helps shield hair from the sun’s damaging effects.

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Key aspects:

  • Boosts hair volume and shine
  • Leaves no residue or greasiness
  • Helps preserve hair long-term
  • Vegan
  • Free-from silicones

Highlight ingredients:

Clariant image Hair Nectar Thumbnail 2020

Complete Radiance System:

Luxurious sensorial for mature skin

Trio of ampoules packed with actives that tackle various mature skin concerns
Formulated specifically for mature skin, these ampoules target different complexion concerns. The Soothing Ampoule reinforces the skin barrier to counter irritation, the Plumping Ampoule boosts collagen synthesis to improve skin firmness and elasticity, and the Nourishing Ampoule is an oil-based antioxidant formula that leaves skin soft and smooth.

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Key aspects:

  • Soothing Ampoule: Anti-irritation, soothing
  • Plumping Ampoule: Boosts elasticity
  • Nourishing Ampoule: Hydrating
  • Long-term skin benefits (antioxidants, protects skin)
  • Includes COSMOTM ingredients
  • Soothing and Plumping Ampoules are free-from sulfates, silicones, synthetic fragrances and colorants

Highlight Ingredients (Soothing Ampoule):

Highlight Ingredients (Plumping Ampoule):

Highlight Ingredients (Nourishing Ampoule):

Clariant image Complete Radiance System 2020
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