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Geo Beauty -
Cosmetics inspired by the
geodiversity from Latin America

Geo Beauty -
Cosmetics inspired by the
geodiversity from Latin America

In today's beauty world, personalization is more than a trend – it's a heartfelt response to our diverse lifestyle. Our beauty choices for personal care must keep pace with this trend. With new experiences, activities and changing environments, our skin and hair require adaptable beauty routines to accommodate the "acclimatization" process, which involves adjusting to changes in temperature, humidity, moisture levels and sun exposure, among other factors.

Living in a region as geodiversified as Latin America makes specific personal care routines more important than ever. From the towering Andes Mountains to the dense Amazon Rainforest, from a vast range of vegetation to arid deserts while being surrounded by both the Pacific and Atlantic oceans, it is paramount to understand and address distinct regional needs.

Recognizing these unique characteristics is essential when tackling the challenges of protecting our skin and hair. Clariant has responded to this need by developing a brand new concept of crafted formulations for personal care.

Join us in exploring the geodiversity of Latin America through our specially formulated products.

Embrace the desert's captivating beauty and culture, but don't forget to shield yourself! Deserts are known for their extreme temperatures, low humidity, and intense sunlight, which can cause sunburns and premature aging, while the dry winds can strip moisture from our skin and hair.
So, arm your skin with sunblock, pamper your eye contour with specialized products and lavish your locks with hydrating treatments. Dive into the desert while glowing and protected.


Atacama Sun Shield Stick SPF*50++++

Discover the GeoBeauty Atacama Sun Shield Stick – your ultimate sun care essential. Powered by natural waxes and featuring a waterless system structure, it ensures excellent spreadability and lasting protection. Convenient for on-the-go use, this stick contains Plantasens® Cosmetic Wax A5, offering softness and superb spreadability, and the COSMOS approved Nipaguard® SCA, a broad-spectrum preservative, free of parabens, formaldehydes and halogenates.


Ica Oasis Essence Shampoo

Did you know that our mild surfactants and emollients can work wonders for your hair? With up to 30% oil content, Ica Oasis Essence Shampoo is formulated with GlucoTain® GEM, designed primarily for waterless concentrated products, offering excellent conditioning properties, and Plantasens® Olive LD, a natural alternative to silicones.


Guajira Desert Revive Eye Serum

Revive the skin around your eyes with Guajira Desert Revive Eye Serum. It contains Galactinol Advanced, an active ingredient that protects skin from environmental stress while improving its resilience towards quickly changing climate and Aristoflex® Velvet, a rheology modifier that provides a luxurious texture to your skin.

In the spellbinding tropics where nature and culture intertwine in a vivid dance, your skin and hair are put to the test, as tropical environments are not just about their vibrant beauty, but also about the unique challenges they pose. High humidity and constant heat, combined with the ever-present sun, can leave notable impacts on our skin and hair.
Prioritize sunblock, indulge in diverse hair treatments throughout the day and enjoy the tropical wonders.

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Ipanema Sun Bliss SPF*50++++

Ipanema Sun Bliss: a fusion of flexibility and functionality. Featuring a unique blend of a flexible emulsifier and a multipurpose rheology modifier Aristoflex® Silk, it effortlessly pairs with all types of UV filters. With stable preservation using Phenoxetol® SG and a light sensory profile, it promises a luxurious sun care experience.


Tayrona Foam Renewal Treatment

GeoBeauty Tayrona Foam Renewal Treatment: a versatile solution for effortless hair care. With its adaptable leave-in or wash-off system, it offers convenience like never before. Experience balanced hair volume thanks to Genadvance® SPA and indulge in its innovative aerosol foaming system for a luxurious treatment experience.

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Margarita Island Hydration Hair Mask

Margarita Island Hydration Hair Mask, a revelation in hair care. Experience effortless detangling with reduced combing force, setting new standards in hair manageability. Infused with natural-derived emollients as Murumuru butter, it delivers a smoothing effect, enhancing hair texture and shine. Designed for all hair types, it's the ultimate solution for hydration and revitalization thanks to Genadvance® Hydra.

Majestic mountains, though awe-inspiring, can introduce a dryness that challenges our skin and hair and make both our face and body crave heightened hydration. It's essential to deeply moisturize and shield ourselves. By doing so, we can relish the mountainous beauty while ensuring our skin remains radiant and nourished.

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Andean Altitude Fresh Deodorant

Andean Altitude Fresh Deodorant Stick, redefining freshness in body care. Experience unparalleled comfort with no residual transference to the skin, ensuring a clean and natural feel throughout the day. Crafted as a waterless body odor control system, it offers effective protection without compromise. Enjoy its dry after-feel, leaving you feeling confident and refreshed in any altitude. It contains Plantasens® Abyssinina Oil and Plantasens® Cosmetic Wax A4.


Machu Picchu Renewal Body Lotion

Experience an immediate moisturizing feel with Machu Picchu Renewal Body Lotion. Easy to use, with a non-sticky sensory, it allows the formulation of a wide range of textures suitable for all skin types and climates. Containing Varrier®, an active ingredient that protects your cells from UV damage, it also benefits from the strong emulsification power of Plantasens® Emulsifier HP 30.


Cotopaxi Summit Face Moisturizer

Introducing GeoBeauty's Cotopaxi Summit Face Moisturizer: a lightweight solution for effortless hydration. With its low viscosity system, it's easily applied to the face for instant nourishment. The minimalist formula packs highly efficient actives, including Waterin Plus for long-lasting hydration and Hostaphat® KL 340 D for maintaining a good stability in the formulation.

In the majestic allure of glaciers, the cool temperatures and brisk winds offer a refreshing contrast. Nevertheless, in this icy panorama, hair can become frizzy, skin tends to dry out and the eye contour may experience irritation or increased dryness. Introducing innovative care formats becomes essential to tackle hair frizz and to maintain a clear and hydrated skin routine so that you can fully savor the enchanting glacial experience.


Aconcagua Hair Sculpt Stick

Unveil the GeoBeauty Aconcagua Hair Sculpt Stick, a revolutionary solution for effortless hair styling. Crafted with advanced structuring agents, it offers lanolin-like and petrolatum-like performance, ensuring superior hold and flexibility. Experience a non-oily sensory on your hair, providing a lightweight feel without weighing it down. Proven to tame frizz and maintain a natural appearance, it's your go-to companion for sleek, polished hairstyles.


Patagonia Horizon Eyes Contour

Wake up your eyes with Patagonia Horizon Eyes Contour, which contains powerful actives, including Rootness® Awake to reduce dark circles, eye bags, puffiness and B-Circadin®, to reduce signs of skin fatigue.


Ushuaia Artic 3-in-1 Cleansing Bar

Cleanse your body, hair and beard with this easy to use & rinse Ushuaia Artic 3-1 Cleansing Bar. A caring, moisturizing after feel and a rich creamy foam are guaranteed by GlucoTain® Care, our COSMO approved mild surfactant. Hostapon® CT paste offers good cleaning and degreasing properties, besides marvellous mildness and softness. Ideal for waterless soaps and shampoos.

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