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Emotional Interaction


by Plantasens®

Playing with Beauty! is a new beauty care concept developed to initiate a true emotional experience for the user. On a daily basis, normal routines are established between the consumer and their chosen skin and hair care products, whereby little attention is given to emotional interaction. The consumer has come to expect little beyond the usual sensory and spreadability properties and the overall feeling of comfort when the product is applied to – or rinsed off – the skin and hair.

Playing with Beauty! breaks the routine, revolutionizing the beauty ritual through a unique, interactive experience with the product. Unexpected and distinctive physical application characteristics result in positive emotional reactions. Three specific application properties have been created for face care, body care and hair care, and are an invitation to play and interact with the product, making it come alive.


Body care

Wake up your creativity with this unique body wash. Tear off a piece in your hands and start molding to produce infinite shapes and colors. Enjoy the colorful foam and the conditioning effect on your skin when this special body wash comes into contact with water.

This gentle cleansing formulation – SLES and PEG free – has been developed with very mild ingredients and is suitable for kids, adults and even those with sensitive skins. It restores the skin’s lipid barrierfunction thanks to natural emollients, leaving the skin soft and supple.


Achieved By

Moisturising texturizer

Plantasens® Crystolive Wax
Restores skin barrier function of sensitive skin Presents a particular crystalline network derived from olive

Lightweight emollient

Plantasens® Olive LD SP ECO
Natural ingredient able to mimic silicones sensory properties
Highly compatible across oil phase polarities

Gentle cleansing

GlucoTain® Plus
Very mild and SLES-free surfactant
Boosts production of foam even in presence of oils

Conditioning effect

GlucoTain® Care
SLES-free and sustainable surfactant
Provides a very soft and caring touch to the skin


Face care

Create and experience new textures while releasing deep down cleansing skin care to enhance natural beauty. This next generation of beauty mask is created from two separate, delicious textures which are overlaid to deliver surprising and effective results.

Start by applying the lemon mousse to your skin. Then, add a layer of the honey gel on top and gently massage in. Then the magic happens. A soft, creamy emulsion is created, which after 20 minutes, is transformed into a transparent film. Peel off the mask at once.

Developed without solvents, silicones and parabens, this peel-off mask is kind and soothing to skin, and reveals a thoroughly cleansed, comforted and radiant complexion by removing impurities and relieving the effects of indoor pollution.


Achieved By

Creamy texture

Plantasens® Lemon Butter
Offers a rich and unctuous after feel
Provides emolliency property

Light sensory

Plantasens® Olive LD
Facilitates the spreadability
Lightens the final touch


Aristoflex® AVC
Gives a melting sensation
Helps to build viscosity

Indoor anti-pollution shield

Reinforces skin barrier function and immune response
Soothes reactive skins


Hair care

Dare to create dramatic party looks without damaging or irreversible effects to your hair. This ultra-light conditioner melts into the hair to help you easily create a unique and striking color look, as well as styling ability.

Hair color transformation is astonishing. Invisible in normal daylight, your hair takes on a bluish-white glow when revealed under UV light. The product can be used every day, providing a natural non-greasy light hold while also moisturizing the hair and scalp.

Made from a “memory shape” gel, the product is also fun to play with while in its packaging – squish, squeeze and stretch it and watch it bounce back into shape!


Achieved By


Aristoflex® Silk
Provides a silky touch to the formulation
Able to emulsify whatever oil polarity

Silicone free

Plantasens® Olive LD
Improves hair manageability
Mimics the silicone after feel

Conditioning and Hydration

Genadvance® Hydra
Moisturises hair and scalp
Leaves hair soft and smooth

Paraben free

Nipaguard® SCL
Offers a broad spectrum antimicrobial activity
Presents a high content of renewable ingredients

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