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People and technology become one

When it comes to the optimal care, relaxation and physical fitness experience, even the Personal Care industry follows the goals of higher, faster and further. As grooming becomes more and more connected, with technology aiming to support our body, our health and our well-being, it’s important to expand your senses—because you never know how good you could feel. The modern technologist feels calm and serene, always on the lookout for naturally mild and nourishing products that help counter the stress of an accelerating world.

Inspiring formulations

Serum for sensitive skin

Formulated with natural and caring ingredients capable of reducing skin inflammation and redness with a creamy nourishing texture for soft and smooth skin. That is what the modern technologist is looking for to provide caring sensations.

Mild sulfate free shampoo

This mild clear sulfate free shampoo formulated with unique sugar based mild surfactant to provide a creamy reach lather for our modern technologist.

Foaming facial scrub

Foaming Facial Scrub helps to exfoliate the skin surface of our modern technologists, while gently washing away dirt and other impurities.

Discover the other trends

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    I am ambitious, sexy, daring, independent and simply myself.
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    »Bling« is back—and fame, glitter and gold count.

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