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Made just for them

In an era of globalization, products, services, and experiences feel increasingly similar. The multitude of chain restaurants and retail stores have flooded even the trendiest cities in the world. People are now looking for new ways to celebrate their individuality, by seeking out-of-the-ordinary experiences that help them find and express the optimum version of themselves. This constant self-improvement also includes their beauty routine. By using customized products to take care of their hair and skin, they stand out from the masses on any given day. Beauty is about making a bold personal statement with an individual sense of style.

Inspiring formulations

Hair gelée

Custom_FrozenTube_Hair_KopieThis versatile hair gelée can be customized and mixed easily with any booster depending on your life style.

Face serum

Custom_FrozenTube_FaceSerum_KopiePenetrates on the inner layers of the skin for a fresher younger appearance. This serum can be customized and mixed easily with any booster depending on your lifestyle.

Soft | Sensitive elixir

Custom_FrozenTube_Hair_KopieCombat dryness, and protect your skin and hair from environmental aggressors. To be used for a day, a week, a month, any time skin needs a boost.

Libra | Oil control elixir

Custom_FrozenTube_FaceSerum_KopieDesigned for oily skin and scalp, this elixir works in synergy with existing products to ramp up results for more stubborn concerns like skin oiliness.

Ore | Radiant elixir

Custom_FrozenTube_Hair_KopieNatural based elixir to stop the effects of hair thinning, soothe and repair the skin with a radiance boosting punch.

Pro age elixir

Custom_FrozenTube_Hair_KopieAn anti-ageing elixir that is a powerful intensive care booster. The rich booster mixed with facial serum slows down the aging process using proven-efficacy natural ingredients.

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