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I am ME

I am ambitious, sexy, daring, independent and simply myself. Always on the lookout for the next challenge, this girl is a rebel— but isn’t afraid to show her feminine side. Whether taking part in extreme sports or blogging: The new feminist stands out from the crowd while staying true to herself. Where there’s a thrill, there’s also beauty: this girl favors products for stronger, more lively hair and healthy, vibrant skin.

Inspiring formulations

Body cream

Rich and protecting intensive o/w cream that offer instant moisturization after long hours of extreme sports or bloggings and leaves an occlusive protective film for our new feminist.

Hair conditioner

Hair care product made with best in class hair conditioner agents to protect the hair in her new adventures.

Ice cream repair

This repairing cream melts on the skin’s surface and provides a slight cooling sensation – just like ice cream! The innovative texture and rich skin feel is perfect to protect the hands and other dry spots of our modern feminist.

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    It’s important to expand your senses—because you never know how good you could feel.

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