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The new generation of the young and free loves the extreme and loves to show it: online and in social media. »Bling« is back— and fame, glitter and gold count. Daily luxury, admiration and attention are musts, no matter the cost. The newly glamorous have avant-garde taste and they certainly create their own style. Looking for luxurious products and premium textures, it’s the result that counts: Our glam fans prefer features like shine and radiance that visually launch their hair and skin to the next level.

Inspiring formulations

After sun skin care

A pearlized cream gel that gets quickly absorbed to hydrate, relive and replenish the skin after a long day of sun exposure to allow our new glamourous to be ready for a full night of admiration.

Beauty balm

An amazing day cream with Abyssinian oil offering radiant complexion for the pleasure of being admired.

Gold sparks perfume

A glittering fragrance mist that helps the modern millenial steal the spotlight.

Pearlescent hand sanitizer

This pearlescent hand sanitizer takes clean to the next level! The shimmer in this product stays intact in the jar but disappears on the skin’s surface, leaving your hands feeling clean and moisturized.

Pearlescent foaming hand soap

A luxurious pearlescent liquid hand soap that provides a sparkling touch, while leaving your skin soft and supple.

Discover the other trends

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    Over-stimulated, over-complicated—it’s time to start over!
  • CARE
    It’s important to expand your senses—because you never know how good you could feel.
  • DARE
    I am ambitious, sexy, daring, independent and simply myself.

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