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Embracing the heritage

We live in an age of global mobility, driven by the political unification of continents, a highly mobile population, and ever-evolving international borders. This has created a global culture where differences disappear in a melting pot of influences and traditions. However, this can create a sense of rootlessness in people as they look to hold onto their origins while celebrating the diversity around them. People now search for products that help them reconnect with trusted traditions and ingredients, as they explore this changing world. When it comes to taking care of hair and skin, they look for products inspired by natural, traditional, and wise ingredients (e.g., honey, clay, and avocado). Products with naturally sourced materials help to create the look these people are after. Beauty is about feeling good in one’s own skin.

Inspiring formulations

Nutritive hair mask

Origin_CubeJar_KopieMineral texture mask harvesting minerals from Amazonia, lemon from Italy, pea extract from Korea that merge as one holistic source of wellbeing.

Facial honey gel

Origin_FrozenTube_Skin_KopieA skin soothing gel that uses 7 natural plant extracts from Asia and sugar based ingredients from Europe that gently help to heal the skin, naturally.

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