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BeautyForward 6:
Natural ingredients for personal care formulations


BeautyForward is about understanding and addressing needs in personal care. Consumer preference for natural, specifically plant-based ingredients is increasing and there’s growing expectation for brands to understand and communicate on naturality with transparency.

Access our naturality database of personal care ingredients

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We cover over 800 Clariant and non-Clariant ingredients: our calculator provides you with personal care ingredients' intuitive, digital format. We follow the Renewable Carbon Index (RCI) for carbon-based ingredients, and the Natural Origin Index (NOI) if non-carbon-based.

Calculate percentage naturality of personal care formulations

The tool functions by calculating the total formulation naturality based on each ingredient’s contribution. The BeautyForward Natural Formulation Calculator provides you with a percentage of how natural a personal care formulation is according to the ISO 16128 methodology.

Two steps to create high-RCI natural formulations digitally

  1. Start with an exemplary formulation provided in the tool, or create your own natural formulation from scratch
  2. Add ingredients in their respective quantities by INCI or trade name
  3. Voilà! Percentage naturality is instantly displayed
o/w creams

97.3% natural

Voilà! Replenishing Night Cream

Discover the night cream that contains a mixture of emollients and actives, designed to replanish skin, leaving it soft and supple

Get a glimpse of the BeautyForward 6 tool on our customer platform ClariHub. You’ll need to register or login to make use of all features.

  • Natural Formulation Calculator
    Calculate personal care formulation naturality according to ISO 16128 method, powered by data on Renewable Carbon Index (RCI) and Natural Origin Index (NOI).

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