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Clariant Preservation Solutions
Boosting impact at all levels

Focusing on people’s needs and expectations, we are constantly progressing at all levels: through partnering with our customers, through our product performance and re-shaped formulations as well as through our offerings for sustainable cosmetic safety.

The result: modern preservatives and blends, multifunctional boosters and sustainable & multifaceted preservation solutions. They reduce the amount of listed preservatives and controversial ingredients to a minimum and at the same time maximize product performance. Additionally, we take care that they are always in line with regulatory requirements.

Consumers of personal care products are focusing more and more on impact. On their own skin, but also on the planet. At the same time, legal regulations are becoming ever stricter. Clariant preservation solutions boost impact at all these levels to boost product preservation to the next level.

How we are boosting preservation performance

Concepts to boost formulation impact

Clariant Image Baby Care 20240404

Baby care

The most fragile things need the best protection. Babies' skin places very special demands on care products. How can we make mild and effective formulations for delicate baby skin?

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Clariant Image Inspiring Formulations 20240404

Inspiring formulations

Discover how our preservation portfolio will empower you to boost formulation impact at all levels: Protection efficacity, product longevity, safety & sustainability.

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Clariant Image Sun Care 20240404

Sun care

What is the best sunscreen? How can I find an environmental-friendly product which provides greater protection for what protects us: our skin.

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Clariant Image Wet Wipes 20240404

Wet wipes

Personal hygiene is becoming essential for many people in many areas of life. Wet wipes are quickly to hand and therefore very popular. How can wet wipes not only be convenient, but also skin-friendly and sustainable?

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Boosting preservation impact with technology

Clariant Image Technical Capabilities 20240326

Cutting edge technology

Finding the right dosage of preservatives in consideration of all relevant parameters is only possible with cutting edge technology. With our AMICA screening platform, we can automate and significantly accelerate formulation testing. In Frankfurt, our personal care experts sit door to door with the microbiologists to find the best solution for your formulation challenge.

Looking for the right preservative?

  • Clarihub - Customer Portal
    Our customer portal ClariHub gets you to the information you need, very easily. From product documentation to educational content or formulations, it provides you with real time ingredient data, 24/7 access to documents and downloads, as well as trend reports, webinars and ingredient selection tools, inspiring your next formulations.
  • Our preservatives finder
    The right combination determines the proportion and effectiveness of preservatives. Our finder provides the right solution for your formulation.

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