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Boosting preservation performance to maximize protection efficacy

The challenges of preservation in cosmetics

How can preservatives fulfil the demand for safe and environmentally friendly products that follow stricter regulations? By boosting product performance at minimum amount. Or, in other words, by improving their efficiency, so that controversial preservatives can be maximally reduced. Our multifunctional booster portfolio offers a wide range of solutions for varying formulation needs. Which one is your perfect match?

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Boosting Flexibility in Preservation: Velsan Flex

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There is a simple solution: Preservative boosters. They reduce the amount needed for safe preservation by making them more effective, increasing formulation freedom.

Our preservation booster portfolio offers a range of solutions for varying formulation needs.

Multifunctional boosters selection guide


Preservation booster portfolio

  • Velsan SC
    Velsan SC is a powerful synergistic booster for preservation systems. It can reduce the amount of traditional preservative load needed for adequate formulation protection. It is a 100% renewable and readily biodegradable ingredient without any human or environmental hazard label.
  • Velsan EHG S
    Velsan EHG S is a multifunctional skin care additive which acts as an emollient and functions as an active in deodorants. At the same time it is highly effective as a preservative booster.
  • Velsan CGE
    Velsan CGE is a broad spectrum preservation booster with a Renewable Carbon Index (RCI) of 100%, ideal to boost preservation in natural formulations. Due to its versatility it acts as emollient spreading easily and providing less greasy, lighter emulsions. In addition, it also acts as deo active in natural deodorants.
  • Velsan Flex
    Velsan Flex is a multifunctional preservation booster. Thanks to its high water solubility and Renewable Carbon Index (RCI) of 93%, the award-winning Velsan Flex allows to reduce the concentration of traditional preservatives and gives formulators broad formulation flexibility.

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