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Modern Preservation for Beauty & Personal Care Wipes

Several key consumer trends are influencing the wipes market. Transparency is becoming increasingly important, with consumers demanding clear information about ingredients and sustainability practices. This is driven by regulatory pressure and public scrutiny, with regions such as the EU and US updating cosmetics regulations and guidelines.

In addition to transparency, consumers are also seeking wellness benefits from wipes. They are interested in wipes that offer more than just cleansing. Shoppers also desire multifunctional wipes that provide skin pampering.

Sustainability is another important trend. Brands need innovative and eco-friendly materials and ingredients, and consumers want to understand the circularity of the end-of-life process.

Preservation challenges

Preserving beauty and personal care wipes presents several technical challenges. 

One of the main challenges is the high liquid content of wipes, with over 95% water content. This, combined with the large surface area of wipes, makes preservation challenging. Effective solutions are required to prevent the growth of harmful microorganisms.

Another challenge is the variability in the substrate of wipes. Factors such as thickness, fiber type (natural vs. synthetic), and liquid absorption capacity can affect the performance of preservation systems and the susceptibility to microbial growth.

Formulation constraints also pose challenges, as components such as surfactants, emulsifiers, and buffering agents can cause precipitation and pH fluctuations, which can promote microbial growth.

Furthermore, regulatory restrictions on certain traditional preservative options are reducing the available tools for formulators to create safe, sustainable, and functional products.

Tested solutions to solve preservation challenges in wet wipes preservation

Clariant offers a comprehensive range of robust testing capabilities, including customer tailored challenge tests. We have developed reliable preservative systems to address the challenges faced in preserving beauty and personal care wipes. With Nipaguard blends and Velsan boosters preservative systems we provide effective and sustainable preservation, helping to extend the shelf-life of wipes. Formulators can create safe, sustainable, and functional beauty and personal care wipes that meet consumer demands and regulatory requirements.

  • Modern preservatives and blends
    One toolbox, a world of possibilities: Blends perfectly balance between increasing consumer requirements and the need for safe, easy-to-use and long-lasting cosmetic formulations.
  • Multifunctional preservation boosters
    How can preservatives fulfil the demand for safe and environmentally friendly products that follow stricter regulations? By boosting product performance at minimum amount. Or, in other words, by improving their efficiency, so that controversial preservatives can be maximally reduced. Our multifunctional booster portfolio offers a wide range of solutions for varying formulation needs. Which one is your perfect match?

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