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Lucas Meyer Cosmetics

Lucas Meyer Cosmetics is now part of Clariant
By combining our strengths, we offer you a wide range of innovative ingredients and natural solutions, leveraging our R&D and innovation capabilities to bring you to the forefront of the cosmetics and beauty industry.

Portfolio expansion: industry-leading product offering, customer-driven innovations and natural solutions

Active and functional ingredients, Australian botanicals, delivery systems
Active ingredients, plant extracts, oils and butters, clays and exfoliants
Clariant Actives and natural origins
» By joining forces and expertise, we will create a powerful and competitive player in the high value cosmetic ingredients market. Our customers will enjoy the benefits of our combined portfolio with industry-leading active and natural ingredients supported by strong formulation capabilities. We have so much more to look forward to in our new, joint journey. «
Christian Vang, President of the Clariant Business Unit Care Chemicals and the Americas region
Christian-Vang_2022 570x760
Antonio Lara
» We are thrilled to combine our abilities, our knowledge, talents and resources to help our customers achieve the highest level of success in the cosmetics and beauty industry. «
Antonio Lara, President — CEO Lucas Meyer Cosmetics

Uniting knowledge.
Activating the future.

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