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Glucamides mild surfactants

Empowering conscious beauty

Many liquid toiletry products still contain the basic SLES, Betaine systems that are thickened by salt. This system is extremely cost effective, but not necessarily the best for safe and effective cleansing of skin and hair. In contrast, our ultra-mild series of sugar surfactants offer gentle, yet effective cleansing properties. GlucoTain® surfactants are mild to mucous membranes, skin proteins and skin lipids and are covering the spread from airy to creamy foam while providing a moisturized and conditioned after-feel.



Clariant Image Glucamides Sensory 20220820


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GlucoTain® Care


Exceptional color protection performance, good for damaged hair, caring and moisturized after-feel


GlucoTain® Clear


Great solubilizing properties, airy foam with high volume, easy rinse-off and a clean skin feel


GlucoTain® Flex


Versatile partner for classic & SLES-free systems,
on-ionic surfactant with the thickening properties of  amphoteric surfactants, 


GlucoTain® LiquiFlex


Easy-to-use starting point for sulfate-free chassis


GlucoTain® Plus


Excellent foam booster and hair color protection


GlucoTain® Sense


High thickening efficiency, excellent skin conditioning after-feel  and hair smoothness

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