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Glutamates mild surfactants

Unique skin & hair compatibility with a 100% RCI

Acyl glutamates are mild and anionic amino acid-based surfactants which are generally milder than their corresponding alkyl sulfates and carboxylates. In addition, amino acid surfactants have pH as an interesting variable for fine-tuning their functional properties. With a 100% RCI, glutamates are well known for their green profile and sustainable manufacturing and their unique compatibility with skin and hair. They are easy-to-use, cold-processable and provide fluffy to creamy foam.



Clariant Image Glutamates Sensory 20220820


Clariant Image Glutamates Foam 20220820



Hostapon® CCG


Good skin compatibility, fluffy foam


Hostapon® CGA


Excellent conditioning effect to skin and hair, creamy and dense foam


Hostapon® CGN


Creamy and stable foam profile, skin-pH match


Hostapon® CLG


Co-emulsifier, cold-processable, pleasant skin feel, fluffy foam

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