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Sarcosinates mild surfactants

Effective foaming and lathering agents

Sarcosinates are powerful yet mild anionic surfactants produced from a natural fatty acid and the amino acid sarcosine. This family has attracted attention as a safer option owing to their biocompatibility and effective cleansing effects on skin and hair. 

Sarcosinates are convenient, easy to use, and highly water-soluble materials and do not salt out of solution in high electrolyte environments. They impart a silky skin feel and counteract the harshness of the alkyl sulfate. 



Clariant Image Sarcosinates Sensory 20220820


Clariant Image Sarcosinates Foam 20220820



Medialan® KF-J


Conditioning after-feel, lasting color care 


Medialan® LD PF-10


Foaming and foam control agent, preservative-free, hair fiber smoothness and softness


Medialan® LF


Effective cleansing without compromising mildness

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