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Taurates mild surfactants

Foam enhancement and great skin feel

Taurates are anionic surfactants with excellent foaming in the presence of sebum. They thicken with amphoterics and salt, particularly at low pH and are stable over broad pH ranges. These ingredients are ideal for facial washes, low pH anti-acne treatments, high pH fatty acid soap formulations, intimate hygiene, hair dyes as well as low pH shampoos.

This family has been favored by formulators in applications due to their mildness and their foam enhancement benefits. Taurates provide a great skin feel, improving the overall sensory experience due to a creamy and rich foam profile as well as a conditioned after-feel.



Clariant Image Taurates Sensory 20220820


Clariant Image Taurates Foam 20220820



Hostapon® CT liquid


Cold processable, clear formulations, foam boosting


Hostapon® CT paste


Hard water resistance, foam boosting effect in creamy shampoo formulations, proved smoothness and softness to hair


Hostapon® TPHC


Solid Taurate enables water-free formulations, foam-stabilizing effect

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