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Enabling the transportation of green hydrogen

Clariant and Hydrogenious enable the transportation of green hydrogen

Hydrogen is an excellent energy carrier, and an ideal alternative to traditional fossil fuels—but it is extremely difficult and costly to handle. Collaboration between Clariant Catalysts and Hydrogenious enabled the discovery of a safe and efficient way to store and transport green hydrogen.

Clariant illustration Success Story Hydrogenous 2023
Clariant mobile illustration Success Story Hydrogenous 2023
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Hydrogenious pioneered breakthrough LOHC technology.

But there were no commercial catalysts to selectively hydrogenate and dehydrogenate the LOHC carrier.

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Clariant developed and scaled-up a custom solution in less than 1 year.

Cost-effective precious metal catalyst selectively hydrogenates and dehydrogenates the LOHC carrier with minimal degradation due to high selectivity.

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Continuous collaboration with Hydrogenious throughout the development process enabled pilot results to be achieved in less than 1 year.

Clariant mobile Illustration Continous Collab 2023

Key factors for success

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Differentiated coating know-how backed-up by various patents

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Equipment at lab, pilot, and
production scale

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Close collaboration and
exchange of data

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Significant reduction of costs and
time during scale-up

» The partnership with Clariant is not only a 'catalyst' for the LOHC technology, but also an acceleration of our mission into a decarbonized world with an economic and ecological hydrogen approach. «

Daniel Teichmann,
Founder and CEO at Hydrogenious Technologies

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