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Catalysts for diolefins hydrogenation

With the reliable selectivity of OleMax® catalysts, maximize your plant's hydrogenation of butadiene into high-value n-butenes. Know that you're in control of your steam cracker's C4/C5 cuts - and that you're using your resources in the most effective way possible.

Selective Hydrogenation:
Hydrogenating C4 diolefins in petrochemical streams to lower the diolefins while maximizing the olefins. C4s or C5s from an ethylene plant are selectively hydrogenated to convert the contained acetylenes and dienes to olefins.
Total Saturation:
Catalysts for the total saturation of C4/C5 cuts for recycle as feedstock to the cracker streams or for the production of LPG and NGLs.
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high conversion of olefins

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easy regeneration

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lower coking of furnaces

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improve recycled feed quality

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